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Celebrating Indigenous role models in STEM

Indigenous role models in STEM

At Careers with STEM, we celebrate the contributions of Indigenous people in STEM, historically and into the future.

We acknowledge the rights and ownership of the Traditional Owners of the land and pay our respects to Indigenous elders past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge the deep history of science and technology of First Peoples everywhere. In this video, you’ll meet incredible Indigenous role models in STEM working in everything from product technology to aircraft engineering! And below, find more details about them and links to their full profiles, plus their study and career paths.

1. Corey Tutt OAM, DeadlyScience founder

DeadlyScience provides resources that connect schools to the First Scientists of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. On founding this amazing organisation, Corey says, “I want to inspire and I want to learn and grow with my culture into the future. I hope to see more Indigenous people in STEMM and leading the way. I also want to tell our story so the rest of Australia can see how gifted and wonderful we are.”

Read more about his journey here.

2. Bonny Rawson, product technologist

Product technologist Bonny Rawson is a proud Ballardong Noongar woman, who discovered a new world of food via an airline corporate gig. In her gig at Coles, Bonny works with a team to bring new choice to the supermarket aisle. “It’s great because I’m not just stuck in the office,” she says. “I love being able to travel and work with different people, from supply chain and category managers, to suppliers – big and little. I love being around food, and eating it!”

Check out her cool CV here.

3. Mikaela Jade

Entrepreneur, environmental scientist and Cabrogal woman Mikaela Jade is empowering people to tell their stories using technology. She is the founder and CEO of Indigital, Australia’s first Indigenous Edu-tech company. Indigital specialises in technology development and digital skills training in augmented and mixed realities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and geospatial technologies.

See what she studied and how she founded this company here.

4. Kris Rallah-Baker, ophthalmologist

Kris Rallah-Baker is Australia’s first Indigenous ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is someone who diagnoses and manages eye disorders. “Having Aboriginal ophthalmologists at the table brings a new perspective,” says Kris. “These patients could be like me, they could be my uncle, they could be my cousins. The gap itself won’t be closed by me, but it helps the conversation move along.”

Find out all about his awesome STEM career here.

5. Taylah Griffin, aircraft engineer

As an aircraft engineer at Boeing Defence Australia, Taylah Griffin gets to spend nine-to-five hanging with top-end military aircrafts. Programming planes aside, Taylah says one of the best things about her role is that there are other young, female engineers killing it at Boeing, too. “Engineering is usually very male-dominated, but our floor is really diverse,” she says.

Fly over here to see Taylah’s full STEM study and career path.

Looking for more Indigenous role models in STEM? Head on over here! And for more STEM career videos, subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel.

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