Change the way maths is taught

change the way maths is taught

How would you change the way maths is taught?

Here’s what students are saying. Vote if you agree!

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Here’s what else you’re saying about maths!

1 How can maths be creative?

change teaching

“I can learn about patterns which may help me understand and find creative ways to solve problems.” – Eden, Yr 11

“I enjoy learning new and exciting patterns which apply to the world in unusual forms.” – Noa, Yr 11

“In my opinion, maths is one of the most creative subjects. You are given a relatively basic set of tools to solve complex problems. You can do everything from pure maths, e.g. creating formulas by solving problems with variables, to solving real-life problems or calculating real volumes – all with a basic set of tools.” – Joshua, Yr 12

2 What do you/don’t you like about maths?

change teaching

“I enjoy maths when it is understandable and we are going at a fair pace. I don’t enjoy maths when we don’t spend enough time on certain parts and then the more difficult stuff is harder to understand.” – David, Year 11

“I like the fact that there are clear rules that can be applied to any equation – no matter how complex. Theoretical maths is also fun.” – Levi R, Year 11

3 How will the maths you’re learning now be used in the real world?

“I do general maths, where we use units like tax, interest, blood alcohol levels and stopping distances. A lot of the things we learn are so applicable to the real world.” – Zac, Year 12

“I’d like to be using my maths skills in the future for software development. Maths provides real-world skills to become a part of the growing technological world.” – Samuel Kantor, Year 12

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