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5 quizzes that’ll help you choose electives

Choosing electives

Stumped on which electives to choose? Welcome to the club

If you’re in upper high school choosing electives can feel like your first big career-related decision. Although there are loads of opportunities to change your study and career path – even after you’ve graduated from uni/TAFE – picking a core set of subjects will give you your first taste of whether a particular study area is the right fit for you.

In order to give your brain the chill space it needs to do other important things (read: study and scroll TikTok), we’ve dug up five quizzes designed to help you choose compatible electives. Hunt down a science subject that suits, find a passion to team with your fave STEM subject and suss your learning style.

And if you don’t end up loving the electives that you’ve chosen? Don’t stress! There are loads of opportunities outside of high school – and afterwards – to get skilled up in different areas. It’s never too late to change your mind.


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