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Maths retail careers
Think all maths jobs are boring? Wrong! Stick with it and you could end up at retail giants ASOS. Image: Shutterstock

Shopping for a STEM role that flexes your maths and data smarts? Retail is undergoing a tech revolution – and there are loads of future-focused jobs for sale

Gone are the days of having to mission it to a real-life store. In 2022, one minute you could be cruising Facebook and the next you’re clicking on an algorithm-driven ad served by an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot.

Ever need an item super-fast? Thanks to the maths and data skills of next-gen retail staff, a driverless drone could have it delivered within hours. “The tech we use to do our jobs is always changing – like payment capabilities and supply chain processes,” says JB Hi-Fi area manager Majid Dubloo.

He’s seen the digital revolution firsthand – and the career opportunities that have come with it. “For us, the maths is about data and customer insights,” Majid says.

With 900,000+ new retail gigs requiring data management and interpretation skills, there’s more wanted ads for skills and a talent for maths than ever before.

Jobs for sale

Data scientist: After an emerging role that employers are frothing for? Data scientists are among Australia’s most in-demand employees! Consumer insights are up there with the most powerful levellers a retailer can use to make informed business decisions based on who their customers are – and what they’re into – and mining it requires some seriously sophisticated stats skills.

Analysts fluent in customer analytics allow brands to predict trends and understand complex consumer behaviours. And the coolest part? All your favourite companies are hiring – think ASOS, Amazon, The Iconic and JB Hi-Fi!

Bonus! Along with the sweet staff discounts, grads fresh from university can be paid up to the $100,000 range, with seasoned data scientists expecting closer to $150,000 and up.

eCommerce manager: With online purchases up 57 per cent year-on-year since 2020 (cheers, COVID-19), retail businesses are rapidly transitioning to digital-led platforms. Increasing numbers of maths grads are being employed to implement AfterPay capabilities, automate logistics and supply chain processes, work on UX (user experience) projects and set up digital security systems.

Bonus! There are loads of entry-level eCommerce jobs – some that even hire undergrads! Look into customer service, admin, warehouse or junior marketing gigs to gain some experience before you graduate. Fluency in numbers, a must.

Blockchain developer: As some of the most searched crypto jobs in Google, blockchain gigs aren’t just reserved for managing Bitcoin. Blockchain developers are responsible for creating systems for recording secure digital and data transactions, including those made via digital wallets in eCommerce stores.

Maths grads should have the recommended experience with large code bases and a strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures.

Bonus! With STEM skills being so transferable, roles in blockchain and cyber security allow
maths and commerce grads to get stuck into their tech talents too. Look into a double degree – or add some maths and data units to your computer science path.

Maths and retail study

Master of Data Science, University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence, Deakin University
Graduate Certificate in Business Data Analytics, Charles Sturt University

Maths and retail jobs

Blockchain developer: $85K–$135K
Cyber security analyst: $53K–$114K
Digital strategist: $50K–$147K*

*Source: salaries according to

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2022.


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