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Quiz: Can you guess these climate careers?

Climate careers quiz

Climate careers are saving the world from global warming. But how much do you know about these important jobs that include a whole bunch of STEM?

Put your STEM careers knowledge to the test with our trivia quiz. It’ll get you thinking about all in the incredible climate careers out there. And who knows, maybe you’ll spot one that’d be an excellent fit for you!

The lowdown on climate careers

You’ve taken our quiz and now you can’t stop wondering how you could save the planet with your very own STEM career. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together all these resources on climate careers:

7 careers to fight global warming: We’ve compiled a list of awesome global-warming-fighting STEM careers that will get you inspired to forge a planet-saving career path.

How to be a planet saver: Check out some of the ways we can use science to reduce emissions and develop smart foods, plus the careers behind these innovations.

A day in the life of an energy and climate analyst: Following a degree in physics at QUT, Adrienne Josefski took her maths skills to solve problems in energy and climate. Check out her path and STEM story here.

Meet a solar cell researcher: Professor Kylie Catchpole, who also has a PhD in engineering from ANU, is currently working on a range of projects to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar energy, through new materials and devices. She is super passionate about the benefits of solar and you can watch her presentation on the bright future of renewable energy here.

Check out our Job Kits

Looking for info on specific climate careers? Our Job Kits are a great place to start. They’re free to download and offer insights into these careers from people working in them, plus what skills you need and what you should study to land yourself your ultimate role.

You could be a Future Energy Specialist or a Future Scientist – both play an important part in fighting climate change.

For more careers trivia, check out the Careers with STEM quiz hub.

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