Coastal erosion: a case study in our own backyard

Inskip Point, a peninsula near Rainbow Beach in South-East Queensland has experienced its second instance of beach erosion in three years.

During the most recent instance of erosion, 200-300 metres of sandy bank collapsed into the ocean up to the tree-line. In something of a spectacular scene, large trees and shrubbery were dragged under the water but are still visible from the coast.

In 2015, a caravan, camper-trailer and a four wheel drive were the casualties of beach erosion at Inskip Point, due to the erosion occurring close to a popular campsite.


What caused the erosion?

Early reports deemed the incident a sinkhole, however the erosion has since been identified as a ‘landslip’ or minor landslide.

Questions for students:

– Why was this beach erosion considered a landslide?

– Why do you think the area with trees didn’t erode?

– What are the measures we can take to prevent landslides? Can we use any of these methods at Inskip Point? Why/why not?


Using the case study

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