How I won the CODE4FUN Christmas Coding Challenge

Code4Fun Christmas Coding Challenge Winner Rafael Deubler

At the end of last year, I took part in the CODE4FUN Christmas Coding Challenge where we where we were asked to create an interactive resume that highlighted our skills, interests and achievements. It was an exciting project for me as it’s now my fourth year coding and it allowed me to put all the skills I have learnt into practice. I had also never created a resume before so it was great to learn about what content to include and how to structure them.

The interactive resume could be created in Scratch, Unity or Processing. I decided to use JavaScript Processing because I find it more challenging and it’s the programming language I enjoy working with the most.

I started the project by sketching out what I wanted to create and worked on the layout of the resume. My idea was to mimic the iconic Windows desktop with the famous “Bliss” image that features a grassy green hill and blue sky with clouds. Each icon on the desktop represented a different section of my resume such as my education, academic achievements and hobbies.

The challenge allowed me to use all the skills I have learnt across the past few years but also required me to learn some new techniques such as external linking, drag and drop and using images within Processing. The most challenging part was transferring the idea that I created in my head into a workable program.

When I heard that I had won the challenge I was so excited. I won an amazing ASUS gaming laptop that I have been using to play and program virtual reality games. I also got the opportunity to visit the Microsoft Reactor start-up hub in Sydney where we met with their Global Head of Startups, Annie Parker, and learnt about their latest innovations.

I really enjoyed participating in the challenge because I got to put everything I have learnt about coding into practice, learn new skills, learn about the importance of resumes and bring my creative idea to life!

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Rafael Deubler

Author: Rafael Deubler

I’m a year 9 student from Rose Bay Secondary College.



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