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Coder Academy

coder academy


5 things we didn’t expect to learn at Coder Academy

When you’re learning from a former hacker, you get some surprising tips and tricks.

Bright eyed and brimming with enthusiasm we piled out of the taxi and into the classroom. It was our very first coding workshop – a free Coding Kickstarter at Coder Academy. With no prior experience and our devices connected to the internet we were told we had everything we needed to get started.

Here’s some surprising things we learned along the way, and a video of our trip!

“You don’t really need us to learn to code – it’s all on the net.”

Not the first thing you expect to hear from the presenter walking into a coding workshop. So you mean we really can just teach ourselves?

And if you’re thinking you should probably try reading a book on coding before you get started, or memorise a whole lot of code, think again.

“You don’t need to remember stuff, just know how to find stuff.”

And to be clear, by find stuff we really just mean google it.  *googles “how to learn how to code”…*

And the best way to learn is to just get started and start solving problems yourself. That’s when you really start to learn.

While you’re at it:

“You’ve got to learn to believe in magic.”

You don’t need to know what every single bit of code does. Work out which bits you need to know to solve your problem, and then move on to the next one.

And if (when) you get an error message and your code isn’t doing what you want it to, that’s okay too.

“If you’re learning to code, you want to see error messages.”

Your first reaction might be to freak out and stop. But don’t despair, read what it says! Then google it…

The more you learn, the more you realise what coding is all about.

“Most of what you do in coding is steal other people’s code.”

Unless you’re coding something really weird, chances are someone’s coded it before. So make sure you check out GitHub where people share their code for you to take and use how you want.

Apart from learning some important lessons about coding we also managed to clarify some of the similar, yet (very) different coding languages and job titles.

Here are 8 key coding terms and what they mean.

– Anna Koefer[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”″ title=”Behind the scenes at Coder Academy”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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