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Coding terms

coding terms


8 key code words and what they mean

When we went to Coder Academy, they gave us a run-down of some basic coding terms. Here’s what they said.


First things first. HTML (= Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (= Custom Style Sheet). Both are languages used to make web pages.

HTML describes the text and other features your page will have. CSS is used to make them pretty. Eg. if you want to add “I can code!” to your web page, edit the HTML. If you want to make your text huge, bold, red and underlined so the world know how excited you are, change the CSS.

JavaScript vs. Ruby On Rails

Both are common programming languages on the web that give your features functionality and allow people to interact with them. For example, if you want to people to be able to scroll through blog posts on your website, or if you want to animate and move different parts of your page, you might use JavaScript.

Here’s what we learnt about the difference between JavaScript and Ruby: if your page is updating in real time, like in Facebook Messenger, JavaScript is probably behind it. If your page is reloading to update, like in Airbnb, that might be Ruby. If you want to know more, these guys do a great job of comparing the two.

And when it comes to job titles:

Software engineer vs. software developer

Both use code, both start with ‘software’, so are they really all that different? Well, think of coding like playing with Lego. The engineer is the one creating the actual Lego pieces. The developer puts them together in new ways to solve problems.

Frontend vs. backend vs. fullstack developer

Frontend developers deal with what the user sees and interacts with. If you’re more creative, you might prefer this type of work.

Backend developers work on everything else (all the behind the scenes magic like servers, applications and databases that make websites functional). If you’re a very logical person, this might be for you!

And if you really can’t decide, become a fullstack developer! They deal with both frontend and backend.

Check out Coder Academy’s free coding kickstarter, or see what else we learnt.

– Anna Koefer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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