Commonwealth Bank graduate program

Commonwealth Bank graduate program

Twin paths

Identical twins and engineering grads Adam and John Taranto work in tech support and direct-to-market sections of the Commonwealth Bank as part of the bank’s graduate program.

Cool apps

John (above left) works in the IT delivery section of the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), developing applications that automate internal processes and make the lives of others inside the bank easier.

“It’s quite creative; we get the freedom to design cool apps and other solutions from scratch,” John says. He recently helped build a program for upper management that gathers information from different teams and presents it in graph form.

“You work with emerging technologies,” John says. “There’s a lot of problem-solving and you get the chance to work on enterprise-level software.”

Prior to working at CBA, both John and Adam applied for several work-placement internships while at university; they worked for gaming firm Aristocrat, and then applied for a CBA summer internship program, attracted by the bank’s wide range of systems and technologies.

The selection process for the intern program was rigorous and after completing online applications, assessments and a digital interview, both were invited to group interviews on the same day.

“When I came in for the afternoon session, the staff were looking at me funny, saying, ‘Why did you come back?’ Then I realised they thought I was Adam,” John recalls.

Wealth upfront

The Commonwealth Bank graduate program involves 18 months of training that introduces recent graduates to key areas across the bank.

“You learn a lot during the graduate program, and you’re applying the skills you learned at university into big, real-world projects,” says Adam (above right).

Adam works in Wealth IT where he builds ‘front-facing’ applications – those used by communities around Australia and the world to help people manage their finances.

“You’re dealing with time-sensitive issues, you’re dealing with people’s money, and regardless of what your role is, you have to consider your customers,” Adam says. “We have high standards here, getting to experience that firsthand is invaluable.”

It’s hard to tell the twins apart, not just physically, but also on paper – both got the same ATAR (university entrance score) for their HSC – the NSW entrance exams taken at the end of Year 12. They also both completed a double degree in Electrical Engineering and in Physics and Computer Science at the University of Sydney, and both earned first-class Honours.

The twins take full advantage of their similarity. “We have pretended to be each other from time to time, April Fool’s day at school and so on,” Adam laughs.

Fran Molloy

The twins’ path to the Commonwealth Bank graduate program

>> Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (Honours)/ Bachelors of Science (Physics and Computer Science), University of Sydney

>> Summer interns, CBA

>> Graduate software engineers, CBA

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Fran Molloy

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