Students solving today’s problems through technology

Kids from as young as six have started shaping our world with technology thanks to the program that teaches computer coding for kids, CODE4FUN.

The 2018 CODE4FUN Winter Coding Challenge proves the next generation of children are leading the way out of the classroom and creating their own bright future.

The challenges

This year’s coding challenge was ‘My First Business App Prototype’, a challenge designed to introduce students to the world of startups, and encourage them to think as entrepreneurs and change-makers.

After months of hard work, 212 students from 26 schools across Sydney submitted their business app prototypes. This year’s impressive creations included virtual retail stores, games, time management apps and even a digital wallet to manage cryptocurrency.


Which coder are you?

The prizes

The challenge was won by three students – Ava McCann from Wenona School in North Sydney won with her time management app.

Sophia Gionis from Maroubra Junction Public School won for her virtual cupcake store, and Oliver Bone from Birchgrove Public School also won for his gaming app.

The three winners each took home a laptop and the top 30 coding students were invited for an exclusive tour of Australia’s Google Headquarters.

Computer coding for kids | Code4Fun

“I love the freedom of coding,” says 11-year-old Ava, who has been attending CODE4FUN Programming School for three years. “You can do whatever you like, make whatever you like, be whoever you like!”

“Coding is the most important skill you can have at the moment,” Ava says. “Just about every job in the future is going to involve coding.”

The skills

Coding is increasingly being seen as the ‘4th literacy’ that can be applied to any industry.

As Australia transitions to a knowledge and ideas economy, giving kids confidence and knowledge through programs like CODE4FUN is an essential and important part of equipping them with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

The career potential

According to the Digital Careers organisation, students need experience and skills in computational thinking and computer programming (coding), to be successful in their future careers.

“I’d love to work with tech and software when I’m older, or maybe become an architect,” says 12-year-old Sophia. “The things I learn through coding classes can help me in whatever job I decide to do.”

Co-Founder and Director of CODE4FUN, Grigory Punanov says, “CODE4FUN challenges are designed to get the kids thinking differently.

They test their ability to be creative and inventive, to build business ideas that solve real-world problems.

We are so proud of the prototypes submitted by our students and would love to see even more kids channelling their passion and energy for technology into ideas that can change the world!”

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– Sam Cooke

Computer coding for kids | Code4Fun
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