Computer game software engineer

computer game software engineer

Game on!

By Laura Boness

Tom Harris reached the next level when he scored a job at one of the world’s biggest games companies.

At Electronic Arts’ Firemonkeys studio in Melbourne, computer game software engineer Tom writes the code that lets you dodge other cars in Real Racing 3 or put a TV in your house in The Sims FreePlay.

“Getting to contribute to the creation of video games that are enjoyed by so many people is very satisfying,” he says. “Games are awesome. I love being so engaged in a game that time flies by while I’m playing.”

A Bachelor of Information Technology (Games & Graphics Programming) at RMIT University gave him core skills that apply in many areas of software engineering, as well as the chance to take subjects that match industry trends.

“An example of this was the introduction of the iPhone development subject, which enabled me to get started as a freelance developer.”

He worked hard to get the most experience out of his freelance projects, which helped him get his “awesome job” as a computer game software engineer.

“Software engineering is about problem-solving and creating things,” he says. “I am working alongside world-class talent on games played by millions around the world.”



“Games are awesome. i love being so engaged in a game that time flies by while I’m playing.”

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