Computer science + sustainability

Computer science + sustainability
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Ever dreamed of saving the world? Sounds like a job for a superhero, right? Forget the cape and tights, and head for your local coding club instead. Saving the planet from hunger, population growth, climate change are all in a day’s work for people with careers in sustainable development.

Students like Marchelle Lundquist combine computer science with a quest to create a healthier and more sustainable planet. Using TinkerCAD Marchelle designed a prototype park that she hopes will ameliorate pollution in Singapore.

Marchelle imagined a network of parks utilizing new technologies to allow communities to have a hand in improving air quality where they live. She hopes one day to  implement the project or contribute to the pool of knowledge that will help solve Singapore’s air quality problem

A computer and coding skills are your blank canvas to having a huge impact on the world,” says software engineer, Chris Dolendo. Chris shifted from medical school to computer science in her senior year of college. As a founding Creative Officer of Chris created an app allowing online merchants to give customers a choice to donate a portion of their purchase to charity.

In San Francisco, where affordable places to live are in short supply,  Chris helped build SF DAHLIA, an online system called a “textbook example of how government can work better for citizens.

Chris believes technology needs diversity to solve the problems of our diverse planet, “No matter your background, race, gender, ethnicity, follow your excitement. Chances are that is your gift to the world and we need your gift.”

Sukhjit Ghag


Building sustainable cities requires many different skills. Computer science is at the heart of all these important jobs. From developing sensors and smart devices to efficient food system these pros understand technology, consider human behavior, and the social aspects of how we live on this planet and with each other. Real life jobs that blow Minecraft out of the water!


(average salary)

Data scientist $98,000

Project engineer $82,430

Research scientist $71,662

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