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Want to help save the planet? Check out our Conservation Biologist Job Kit

We’ve just launched a new FREE Job Kit, exploring all the careers in conservation biology

If you’re looking for a meaningful career where you can have a real impact as the world adapts to climate change, you need to check out our Conservation Biologist Job Kit.

In partnership with Macquarie University, this Job Kit includes real-life role models, study pathways and helpful info. on the emerging careers conservation biology graduates can aspire to.

Studying biodiversity and conservation biology at uni you could end up tracking toads, protecting our national parks or curating museum exhibits – all in an average day.

In the Job kit you’ll meet a soil expert working with farmers to help cut carbon emissions, and a park ranger who loves the diversity of her gig.

We also bust some myths about conservation biology careers, starting with the myth that it’s all about science and not tech!

Get the Conservation Biologist Job Kit

What are Job Kits?

The Careers with STEM Job Kits are free downloadable 8-page e-mags which offer a complete introduction to individual STEM careers. Discover what a specific STEM job is all about, meet real people working in that job and find out what you can do right now to set your career on the right path.

Find our entire collection of Job Kits here.

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