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STUDY: Machine Learning

Machine learning, one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables a computer to learn from examples without being programmed. 

Cool Jobs

Computer vision engineer: Explore how machines can recognise and process information in images or videos, such as objects in a surveillance video.

Deep learning specialist: Develop algorithms that allow a system to carry out a range of different tasks, such as speech recognition and categorising numbers.

Cloud ninja: Build cloud systems that can repair themselves when something goes wrong.

Study: data analytics

From helping businesses make tough decisions to identifying trends, data analytics is a powerful tool for turning huge amounts of information into valuable insights.

Cool Jobs

Big data engineer: Design and build solutions to help manage large amounts of data.

Data visualisation developer: Make communicating insights easier by producing infographics and graphs from results.

Business intelligence (BI) architect: Build frameworks, such as databases, that help organise data so it can be analysed and used more efficiently.

Study: digital marketing

With the rise of social media, smartphones and apps, today’s marketers need to connect with consumers in the digital world.

Cool Jobs

Social media strategist: Manage and build online communities and develop strategies to reach target users on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Digital marketing engineer: Help businesses achieve marketing goals using web technology, from websites to email campaigns.

In-game advertising manager: Create advertisements for use in computer and video games…Continue reading

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Study: user experience design

User experience (UX) designers improve the usability, accessibility and user satisfaction of a website or app.

Cool Jobs

Information architect: Design solutions that help users navigate websites or apps.

UX researcherInvestigate the needs and goals of users to help design better products.

Interaction designerMake using an interface more enjoyable for the user.

Study: biotechnology

This area of science fuses biological processes with technology to develop medicines, biofuels and healthier food.

Cool Jobs

Biomimicry designer Create innovative products that take inspiration from the natural world, from tentacle-inspired prosthetic limbs to armadillo-like backpacks.

Biomedical engineer: Improve healthcare using engineering and design to build better solutions, like diagnostic devices and artificial organs.

Forensic DNA analystInvestigate DNA evidence to help people solve crimes.

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