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4 ways to be creative in STEM careers

Creative STEM careers

If you love writing, music, design, photography, fashion or even making videos, STEM is still for you!

Yep, you can totally combine artistic passions or talents with science, tech, engineering or maths to build creative STEM careers. In fact, creative skills can be super handy and can even give you the edge in STEM. Just ask these creators who have carved out epic paths for themselves!

1. Science + media

Vanessa Hill, video host and producer

Vanessa Hill - creative STEM careersVanessa started out as a psychology grad, but grew more interested in media as time went on. And that’s how she discovered that psychology and creativity work brilliantly together. She then created a YouTube channel called BrainCraft where she explains all things quirky science and psychology. Vanessa uses a mix stop-motion animation, drawings and live-action shots to communicate science and it’s seriously so good! Our fave videos include Is Google Killing Your Memory? and 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep (Backed by Science).

Vanessa’s advice for those who want a creative STEM career? Know that it’s necessary. “You can find creativity everywhere in the workplace. It may seem really obvious in a job like mine, but engineers need to be incredibly creative to solve problems, scientists need to be creative to design innovative experiments.”

Read more about her cool career path here.

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2. Engineering + music

Antonia Gauci, audio engineer

Antonia Gauci - creative STEM careers

Growing up, Antonia just wanted to help people make music. Now she’s established herself as an audio engineer, music producer and an artist in her own right. She’s worked with numerous local and international acts, including Will.I.Am, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and even engineered for Kesha’s Grammy-nominated track, ‘Praying’.

So what does an audio engineer do in their 9-5? They use microphones, recording consoles and outboard gear to record live performances of music, as well as mixing and treating sound with equalisers and effects: all different technical aspects of creating a final piece of recorded music. “An engineer is hired to plug everything in and achieve a desired sound, which may be requested by the artist, band or music producer,” explains Antonia.

Suss out what Antonia studied, and how she worked her way up from an assistant to a producer, here.

3. Maths + design + business

Lauren D’Aprano, product designer

Lauren D'Aprano - creative STEM careersLauren is the founder of Cutlery Carriage and produces eco-friendly fork-and-spoon carry cases designed to help curb plastic cutlery use. Through running her business, Lauren uses maths every day. “It’s been really cool and useful to put maths into practice every day and use what I have learnt in owning and running my own business. You can implement the maths and accounting skills you have learned in high school and university to understand microeconomics, pricing, margins and to balance your books.”

Find out all about her eco-business/STEM journey over here.

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4. Technology + fashion

Zoe Ghani, director of product

Zoe Ghani - creative STEM careers

Despite starting out as a journalist, Zoe got a tech job in product management at Yahoo!, then scored her dream job working at The Iconic as a director of product.

She loves that she gets to be around amazing fashion and work with some of the most talented engineering minds in the industry. And in her spare time? She’s writing a book! “People are often surprised that I’m interested in cooking as much as tech,” she says.

Her advice for combining tech with a creative passion? “Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want to do, even if you’re the only girl. As long as you love it, you belong there.”

Take a peek at Zoe’s awesome CV here.

Keen on creative STEM careers? Read more career tales from creators over at our creative role models section.

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