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Combining computer science with your interests will give you skills for the most exciting future careers.

Do you know what job you want to do? If you don’t, that could be a good thing. Digital technologies are likely to create whole new career paths in the future.

Digital technologies, like the internet, smart sensors and automation, contribute about 8% of economic output in New Zealand, while in Australia that contribution is set to grow from 5% to 7% by 2020. Most of this growth will happen outside the areas traditionally associated with tech – like agriculture, health, and education.

It’s no wonder there’s a focus on equipping the next generation with the digital skills needed for this economic shift.

Careers are no longer as straightforward as they used to be. It used to be that if you studied medicine, you’d go on to become a doctor, or if you studied accounting, you’d join the professional services. Today, those traditional outcomes aren’t always the norm. Digital disruption is creating a workforce with a greater intersection of disciplinary skills. Areas like finance, advertising, law and agriculture, for example, are increasingly overlapping with core skills in computer science.

At Google we talk about “Computer Science (CS) + X” as a driver of innovation and creativity. The X is the problem you are trying to solve, your passion or another discipline. You’ll find CS + X in every industry, creating breakthrough innovations like smart contact lenses to monitor blood glucose in real time alerts to your phone.

On careerswithstem.com you’ll find individuals from every walk of life combining CS + X to innovate and bring creative solutions to the world – no matter what industry they are in. We hope that you’ll be inspired to expand your vision for your future careers and take up the call to embrace technology to change the world.

– Sally-Ann Williams

Engineering Community & Outreach Manager

Google Australia & New Zealand

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