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Up-skilling opportunities in cyber security

Cyber security courses

Wanna boost your STEM credentials? A graduate certificate is a fast option and highly regarded by employers – particularly in an area as in-demand as cyber security

There’s a massive opportunity to retrain in fast-growing tech industries such as AI and cybersecurity – with information security analysts and machine learning engineers up there with the top emerging jobs, according to LinkedIn.

A report by Cyber Security Intelligence predicts the IT workforce must grow by 150% – and with hybrid working and learning the new norm, cybersecurity is particularly critical.

And the key to getting skilled up in a particularly in-demand area after you’ve graduated? Graduate certificates and diplomas.

Short courses for tech grads

With the tech industry so fast-paced and cutting-edge, both fresh graduates and STEM professionals need to constantly keep up with new developments. And the secret to staying relevant in tech? Up-skilling – think: graduate certificates and diplomas. 

Graduate certificates are a fast – and attractive – option when it comes to deep-diving into specialised disciplines. They’re lower cost qualification that usually only takes between six months and two years to complete. 

And get this – a graduate certificate is highly regarded by employers as it helps graduates prepare for more senior, better paying jobs sooner.

There are loads of awesome graduate certificate options that’ll boost your tech skills, keep your knowledge fresh and provide fast-track options to a career in cyber security. 

What are the benefits of up-skilling?

Steven Armitage, SANS Institute

Not sure if study on top of study is for you? We asked the SANS Institute‘s Country Director, Australia, Steven Armitage exactly what’s involved in getting skilled up (again) as a fresh graduate.

CwS: What are the benefits of more study once you already have a tech degree or diploma?

“In the field of cybersecurity, up-skilling is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest threats and technologies! Put simply – the cybersecurity market moves too quickly to get a degree that you rely on for the rest of your career. There’s a need to continuously up-skill!”

CwS: Why is cyber security such a particularly attractive area if you have a tech background?

“There are lots of reasons why tech grads might be attracted to careers in cyber! The growing skills gap and the high demand for skilled professionals means opportunities are plentiful and salaries are higher than many other tech careers. 

“Plus, cybersecurity professionals are often tasked with exciting projects and face complex challenges, making it stimulating and fulfilling too!”

CwS: Do you have tips for graduates wondering what to do next?

“If you’re a graduate who is not yet feeling job-ready, my advice would be to get your hands on the keyboard as much as you possibly can! Focus on developing your skills and gaining practical experience. Look for internships or entry-level positions in your field that will allow you to gain hands-on experience and build your resume. 

“You can also consider taking skills-based courses or certifications to learn the contemporary tools and techniques of cybersecurity at a practical level to make yourself more marketable to employers. Additionally, networking and building connections in your field can also help you learn about job opportunities and get your foot in the door.”

CwS: What do employers generally think of graduate certificates?

“Employers generally view up-skilling certificates as valuable assets for their employees. These certificates demonstrate that an individual has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a specific job or task and can help differentiate them from other job candidates. 

“Employers often prioritise candidates with relevant certifications and training and may even offer to pay for their employees to obtain additional certifications to enhance their skills.” 

Are you a recent STEM grad? Get insights into career trends and stats, employer tips, programs to up-skill and practical information to help you nail your dream STEM graduate career. Don’t miss essential career trends and info – subscribe to Graduate Options monthly e-newsletter.


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