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Video playlist: The scoop on cyber security

Cyber security videos

Think cyber security could be the right area of STEM for you? Then you need to watch these videos!

It’s estimated that Australia may need around 16,600 additional cyber security workers for technical as well as non-technical jobs by 2026. That’s not very long away! If you love tech, fighting crime and solving problems, you should definitely think about setting yourself up in a cyber security gig. Find out more about the skills you need, what cyber security specialists do, and the best study paths and top employers in the cyber security videos and links below.

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1. What is cyber security?

Find out exactly what cyber security is, why it’s important, and how you can help by having a career in this STEM field. We also touch on the diverse gigs in this space, as well as where you could work as a cyber security specialist.

Want more deets? Get the entire lowdown on cyber security here!

2. Careers with STEM Technology & Cyber 2021

Technology is the key to a fairer, healthier, brighter future. This webinar explores how today’s young people could become part of globally important work! Opportunities are as diverse as new energy, environment and sustainability, solving poverty, pandemic response, combating climate change, politics and law. Plus, there are gigs in growing sectors like cyber security, retail and cloud computing. We highlight that technology is for everyone and that there are diverse paths to get there. Meet people who’ve scored roles at exciting companies, and self-starters who are making their own career journeys.

3. Meet a Cyber Security TAFE grad & digital forensics expert

In this webinar, we highlight the diverse and sometimes surprising pathways into a career in cyber security, bust myths around what it means and looks like to work in this crucial sector, emphasise the importance of non-technical skills and meet real-life cyber professionals with inspiring career stories.

4. 7 STEM jobs for people who love solving puzzles

We take a look at seven epic STEM jobs that would be perfect for anyone who loves solving puzzles in their spare time! Think cyber security is perfect for you? Check out our five signs you should work in cyber security.

More resources

We have an amazing STEM + Cyber Security page that is overflowing with stories about study and career paths in this area. Here are a few highlights:

There are also heaps of ways to mix cyber security with your passion. Check out some of them below.

Check out more STEM career videos on the Careers with STEM YouTube channel!

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