3 major market trends shaking up cybersecurity jobs in 2020

Connected homes, cloud computing and Ecommerce are just some of the market trends creating cutting-edge cybersecurity careers for tech grads this year. And with 52 job titles to choose from and one million positions currently advertised globally, it’s an alternative IT pathway seriously worth considering.

Here, we hash out three major developments creating cybersecurity jobs this year – and which job titles you should be looking in to.

1. The increasing popularity of smart home devices

Google Homes! Smart lights! Wi Fi-enabled doorbells! In 2018 research out of The University of Sydney valued the connected homes market at $1.1 billion – a 57 percent increase compared to the previous year, and according to the latest predictions, the Internet of Things market will be made up of 22 billion connected devices by 2024. Plus, with major retailers now stocking the latest in connected tech, decking out our homes out in appliances with AI capabilities has become less of a futuristic novelty, and more of an accepted norm.

Where are the jobs at? In secure software development! With the emergence of such a rapidly advancing and complex area of technology, manufacturers are managing cyber security risks by seeking out experienced tech grads with skills in secure software development. If you’re studying programming, tacking on a cybersecurity unit could equip you with the advanced tech skills needed to score a job creating protective software and carrying out sophisticated vulnerability testing.

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2. A reliance on cloud computing

Over 42 per cent of Australian businesses are now experiencing the benefits of using paid cloud services, which has led to increased productivity and employment as well as improved customer service. But as more and more businesses move their computing and data to the cloud, cybersecurity threats have become a very real – and potentially devastating – concern.

Where are the jobs at? In cloud security! As cloud computing has become the norm, so too has a reliance on cloud security processes. Big businesses are now employing Cloud Security Experts, a new breed of security professional that defends cloud environments from possible data breaches.

With so many amazing career opportunities this new space, most Unis are offering specific cloud-based subjects. Keen to get skilled up and already finished your degree? IT and computer science grads can complete formal Cloud Security Certifications through a variety of private colleges and training providers.

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3. The eCommerce boom

Online eTailers rely on big data analysis and math modelling to hold user details and purchase behaviour information. But in order to make sure that our checkouts – and confidential info – is secure, eCommerce services are now relying on data scientists with an in-depth knowledge of cyber-threats and attacks specifically.

Where are the jobs at? In cybersecurity data science! Yep, in order to collect, analyse and protect user data, eCommerce services need a talented IT team to build maths-based models that detect anomalies. To kickstart such a specialised analyst role, a Bachelor of Cyber Security is generally the way to go.

Keen to look a little more into cybersecurity opportunities? This list covers most of the major job titles in the industry. 

Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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