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9 epic Defence careers

Defence careers

STEM jobs in Defence offer an amazing variety of exciting opportunities for you to make a difference to the world

Defence includes a huge range of jobs in the Australian Public Service, as well as in the Australian Defence Force, made up of Navy, Army and Air Force. You’ll get to work on really important projects and learn a lot of new things, plus build teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills that will be useful in any job you do. And there are unique jobs you can do working in STEM and Defence that you won’t find anywhere else! Check out nine amazing defence careers below.

#1 Marine technician on submarines

Want to work with really cool underwater technology? Marine technicians are in charge of making sure the mechanical and electrical systems on submarines are working properly. You’ll get to use your technical skills and problem-solving abilities to keep everything running smoothly.

#2 Weapon technician

A weapon technician maintains and repairs weapons systems on all kinds of Defence equipment. You’ll be working with complex and potentially dangerous equipment, so you’ll need a good understanding of mechanical and electrical systems – but thinking on your feet, creativity and problem-solving skills are also super important!

#3 Fitness expert

Defence employs health, nutrition and sports professionals to help military personnel stay healthy and in good shape. This requires a strong understanding of fitness, nutrition and health for their specific situation. You may work in a variety of settings, including gyms, training centres and hospitals.

#4 Doctor

As a doctor, you’ll provide medical care to military personnel. This career involves working in a potentially high-stress environment, on a ship or in a field hospital, and requires
a deep understanding of medical procedures and protocols. Defence doctors need to work effectively under pressure and adapt to changing conditions.

#5 Air Force engineer 

If you love engineering and aircraft, this is the job for you! Air Force engineers are in charge of designing, building, and maintaining  aircraft and related systems. You’ll be working with complex and specialised equipment, and require a lot of knowledge about engineering principles and technologies. 

#6 DSTG engineer

Engineers at Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) are responsible for researching and developing technologies and systems for use across Defence. For example, a microfabrication engineer designs and builds tiny devices such as sensors. This career requires knowledge of engineering principles and advanced manufacturing.

#7 Special projects scientist

DSTG also comprises a range of specialist Defence scientists. For example, a data analyst might be hired to study data from various sources in order to improve the performance and effectiveness of existing Defence systems.

#8 Roboticist/autonomous systems engineer

Defence employs engineers to design and build robots and other autonomous systems that can be used to detect and remove mines from waterways and other areas. This helps keep military personnel out of harm’s way.

#9 Communications and information systems operator

These people are responsible for maintaining and operating systems including radio and satellite, computer networks and servers. This is a super- important gig that will equip
you with a range of skills  you can take anywhere. 

This article was first published in Careers with STEM: Defence 2023. For more on Defence careers, head to our STEM + Defence hub!

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