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How much do you know about STEM + design & construction careers?

Design & construction careers quiz

Passionate about building and designing the cities of the future?

STEM + design & construction could be a winning study and career pathway for you! Suss out your knowledge of roles in this field with our quiz below. You might even discover a new type of job you hadn’t considered before!

STEM + design & construction

This is an incredible path if you’re a visualiser, forward thinker or someone who likes to build and create. There’s so much to discover in this area too. Have a read through our STEM + design & construction articles and be inspired to DIY your very own career.

Check out all our reads on this topic over on the STEM + design & construction hub.

Learn more

Want to deep dive into a cool design & construction career to find out what it’s really like? You need to check out our Construction Project Design Job Kit!

This Job Kit brings you real-life profiles, day-in-the-life stories, salary info, stats and pathways into this booming career area.

Watch more

TL;DR? Catch STEM pros talking about their epic jobs in this field in our Construction Project Design live webinar recording.

In this webinar, we chat to three leading experts about paths into careers in construction and project design. You’ll hear from architect and project leader, Georgia Parr, as well as development manager Hollie Layton and QUT lecturer in virtual and 3D design, Sara Omrani.

For more amazing STEM career videos, subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel.

Role models

Lily Kenway

Want to meet even more real life STEM pros working in this area? We’ve got you! Check out these profiles:

For more quizzes on all things study, careers and STEM, head on over to the Careers with STEM quiz hub.

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