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5 reasons a diploma might be for you

diploma university of newcastle

Not ready to commit to a full degree, want to gain a credential to both work and study, or didn’t quite get the marks for your dream course? Here are 5 reasons a diploma might be a better fit

Getting a STEM degree under your belt is a great way to kickstart your future career – but it’s not the only path available! 

The University of Newcastle recently launched its first-ever STEM undergraduate diploma to be offered at the Callaghan campus in 2021 – the Diploma in Engineering, an awesome option if you want to enter the engineering workforce faster, or it could count towards an engineering degree if you decide to further your qualifications.

university of newcastle engineering diploma
The University of Newcastle has launched a new Diploma in Engineering, a great way to kickstart your engineering career that could also be a stepping stone to a Bachelor’s degree. IMAGE: University of Newcastle

Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons a diploma like this might be a better fit for you.

1. Increase your employability

A diploma can widen your career prospects, both on its own, or added to another diploma or degree if you want to DIY a more niche set of qualifications. Gaining a diploma means you can start your pathway to a career and other levels of study – you can study and earn as you step your way through each stage. This approach even has a name: microcredentials – shorter term qualifications that are becoming increasingly sought after by employers.

2. Stepping stone to a degree

Many diplomas count towards a related undergraduate degree – for example the University of Newcastle’s Diploma in Engineering guarantees entry into one of their Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees and counts towards the degree, so you both already have a qualification and are on your way to graduating with another!

3. No extra time and money

Starting out with a diploma before committing to a degree doesn’t have to mean extra time and cost – if you choose to turn your diploma into a degree, you may still complete your degree with no extra cost and within the same timeframe.

4. Get extra support 

A diploma can be a more supported pathway compared to diving straight into a degree out of high school. For example, students studying the University of Newcastle’s Diploma in Engineering gain access to all the uni’s support services, including prep courses taught by discipline experts and academic and peer learning support.

5. Diversify your skills and knowledge

Not sure which degree is the best fit for you? A diploma could give you a ‘try-before-you-buy’ option before committing to a full degree, whilst also equipping you with a broad foundation of skills and knowledge. For example, the University of Newcastle’s Diploma in Engineering directed course list helps you decide which engineering discipline is the right fit for you.


This article was published in partnership with the University of Newcastle. Find out more about their new Diploma in Engineering.

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