Discount to retrain in fast-growing tech industries

Retrain in fast-growing tech industries
Kathy Zhu is a Security Engineer at Google

There’s a massive opportunity to retrain in fast-growing tech industries such as data science and cybersecurity with discounts for redundant and unemployed workers.

The global pandemic has had a huge effect on jobs. Yet tech jobs are still growing strongly.

AI specialist, robotics engineer and data scientist are the top three emerging jobs, according to LinkedIn Data.

And if you think these specialist areas are out of your wheelhouse, think again. There’s a range of courses available to skill you up in these areas – just check our latest Careers in STEM: Code uni directory.

A January 2020 report by firm Cyber Security Intelligence predicts the IT workforce must grow by 150% – and with the COVID shutdown forcing people to learn and work online, cybersecurity is critical.


How to retrain in fast-growing tech industries

The Institute of Data and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have announced a scholarship program UpSkill Now! to transition redundant and unemployed workers into data science and cybersecurity careers.

The scholarship offers a 25% discount to under 30s with an income reduction of 30% from the crisis. People aged 40-50 can get a 50% discount, and over 50s can get up to 90% off their course fees.

“Thanks to technology changes, data is now the most important asset for every business,” says Institute of Data Executive Director Andrew Campbell.

“We have not seen a drop in demand from employers looking for data and cybersecurity professionals.

“In fact, so many remote workers means that cybersecurity experts are busier than ever protecting business from the new vulnerabilities associated with remote data access.

“These are exactly the type of jobs that Australians should be training for right now.” says Andrew.

Get practical skills and support

Steve Crooks, Manager of Professional Education in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at UTS, says if you’re a younger fresh graduate and lack the hard skills, one of the nice things about doing a small intensive course with career guidance is it gives you a clear end result.

“We’ve seen actors come in and retain in tech. Working together with a group of peers really helps people.”

At A$17,500 before the discount, the course isn’t cheap. Andrews says the limited number of scholarships are heavily discounted for older people as they are most vulnerable to career disruption.

“They’re generally on higher salaries than those setting out at a graduate level and there might be some prejudice against older Australians. There’s often financial constraints too.”

He also says the gender split is about 50:50 in the course.

“We help people to get the confidence to break into this area and it’s very focussed on practical skills. There’s such a strong demand for cybersecurity talent and data science talent – every corporate needs these people and there’s no gender barrier. It’s something you can apply yourself and exceed in.

“You get an industry of accreditation from the Institute of Data and qualification from UTS that map to careers like Data Analyst, Junior Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Cybersecurity Technician and Cybersecurity Auditing.

“Finance, mining, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce all need data talent to remain competitive.”


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