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Learn software engineering while getting paid to do it!

Why not study software engineering and get paid to do it at the same time

Students from the University of South Australia are earning and learning in their first year of a Bachelor of Software Engineering. 

They’ve been placed in companies working on SA’s defence sector ahead of constructing the AUKUS submarines. 

18-year-old Alicia Bawden is one of 13 UniSA students enrolled in the first cohort, apprenticed to BAE Systems in Adelaide.

She enjoyed coding at Norwood International High School, setting her on a path towards software engineering.

“I really enjoy the blended learning experience because it’s an opportunity to get first-hand experience working in the engineering environment and it enables you to implement what you learn at university into a real-world situation,” Alicia says.

UniSA Vice Chancellor, Professor David Lloyd, says the institution is proud to be leading the program, which is the first of its kind in Australia. 

“The apprenticeship is designed to embed software engineering students into SA’s defence sector from day one. By learning – and earning – on the job and integrating university study into their week, they will be able to hit the ground running when they graduate, equipped with the right skills.

If your passions align with software engineering, and you’d like to score yourself an apprenticeship, there are also opportunities with global companies such as With You With Me. Just have a listen to our podcast, The Buzz About STEM, episode where we spoke to Cia Kouparitsas, the Chief Marketing Officer of With You With Me. 

Not sure about an apprenticeship? Read about Jennifer Halvorsen’s journey in software engineering, creating a program with a friend for organ donation!

Or better yet! Listen to what Anna Truffet from Google has to say about working as a software engineer for the company!

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