Get your STEM fix with these funny and informative YouTube channels

Educational YouTube channels

Keen to learn something new or explore a mind-boggling scientific theory without the textbooks? Try these educational YouTube channels for a refreshing take on all things STEM.


1. SciShow

SciShow is an educational YouTube channel that offers up explanations for simple scientific questions like why do bees buzz? Or why do we ride horses but not zebras? You’ll also find flicks on fascinating things you didn’t realise you absolutely need to know right now, like what we’ve learned from fossilised farts, or 7 discoveries scientists made by licking things.

Be warned, make sure you have plenty of time to spare when you start watching, because it’s definitely hard to stop.


2. Up and Atom

Up and Atom is hosted by the enigmatic Jade Tan-Holmes, an Applied Physics grad who decided that she preferred making YouTube videos over running experiments. You’ll learn from Jade’s extensive knowledge on all things physics (Try watching ‘What is the Schroedinger equation, exactly?’) but you’ll stay for her zesty takes on game theory or brain teasers.

3. TED-Ed

If you’re partial to an interesting TED Talk, then TED-Ed is right up your alley. TED-Ed is one of the educational YouTube channels under the TED umbrella, dedicated to explaining any number of topics – from mathematical riddles, to exploring the shortcomings of theoretical perpetual motion machines. These animations are not only beautiful to look at, they’re backed up by solid research and theory which makes them a great resource to use in your next assignment.



DONG is an acronym that stands for ‘Do Online Now, Guys’ and is a YouTube channel (from the people that brought you VSauce) about all things internet. You’re less likely to find straight-up physics or science on this channel (although there’s some interesting takes on that too), instead it’s all about bringing you videos that detail things you never knew existed on the internet – like a logo guessing game, or a tool to show you how many people exist with your name in the US.


5. Veritasium

Veritasium is another of the educational YouTube channels out there with an interesting take on the same sort of science that all of these channels dive into. Keen to know whether silence can drive you crazy? Veritasium has the answer. Want to geek out about a priceless ball of silicon? Veritasium has got you covered. If it’s weird and wonderful science, you’ll find it on this channel.

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Eliza Brockwell

Author: Eliza Brockwell

Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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