Quiz: Can you guess these engineering careers?

Engineering careers

How cool is engineering? There are so many incredible engineering careers out there to explore and combine with your passion! In fact, we’ve listed loads of them here. Think you know a lot about all the engineering pathways on offer? Find out with our fun trivia quiz.

Engineering careers

Feeling inspired to learn more about engineering careers? We’ve spoken to SO many inspiring engineers working in all sorts of areas – environmental, robotics, software, electrical, aerospace and more.

Here are a few stories to get you started…

Sam Darvishi – Biomedical Engineer
Sam’s PhD research in biomedical engineering at the University of Adelaide is helping stroke victims to regain mobility.

Monique Hollick – Space Systems Engineer, DST
Monique and her team design daily mission plans, check the health and performance of satellites and conduct maintenance on ground stations.

Annabelle Luu – Telecommunications Engineer
When Annabelle Luu isn’t nailing her career ambitions in telecommunications engineering, she’s a car buff, tech fiend and amateur weightlifter.

Michael Selvadurai – Mechatronics Engineer and Enterprise Services Graduate, CBA
Michael’s engineering background has equipped him with the knowledge to navigate complex IT systems.

You can find even more engineers with dreams jobs right over here.

Become an engineer

So you want to become an engineer? In this webinar, discover how you can combine engineering with your passion for anything from agriculture, humanities and health, to robotics, education or conservation to create your dream career. Plus, gain industry insights and tips from real people with jobs at some of the country’s biggest engineering employers.

Meet CBA graduate software engineer Elysee NgAtlassian software engineer Alex Morgan and QUT‘s Sarah Couperthwaite.

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