Here’s all the engineering jobs we can think of

Here’s a list of all engineering jobs we could possibly think of. And no, this list doesn’t just stop at ‘engineer’. There’s hundreds of careers that engineering students can aspire to, and we probably haven’t even listed all of them yet.

You can use these job titles as keyword searches on employment websites, or simply to get a better idea of the jobs that engineering degrees could prepare you for.

You might notice a lot of overlap. That’s because you’re not limited to the careers listed under each engineering discipline. Every engineering degree teaches you essential elements of engineering that come in handy for just about any engineering job.

If you’re unsure about which career you’d like to pursue, you can study a more general engineering degree and choose your specialisation after you’ve experienced more specific majors (or minors).


Aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering

If it flies, travels or sails, chances are there’s an aerospace engineer or aeronautical engineer behind it. This list will give you an idea of all engineering jobs you could possibly land after studying aerospace or aeronautics.

Here’s every aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering job we can think of

Aeronautical engineer

Aerospace engineer

Aerospace technician

Aircraft designer

Aircraft maintenance engineer

Aircraft mechanic

Automation and controls engineer

Aviation technician

Aviation safety facilitator

Avionics engineer


Design engineer

Defence aerospace engineer

Engineering laboratory technician

Field maintenance technician

Fire engineer

Flight test specialist

Fluid mechanist

Heavy vehicle mechanic

Inspection and compliance officer



Manufacturing technician

Marine engineer

Mechanical engineer

Metrology technician

Mission specialist astronaut


Pilot astronaut

Product safety management


Spacecraft designer

Wind engineer

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers are experts in the intersection of chemistry, maths and physics. Using that stellar know-how, they can work in everything from energy, to food production, medicine or industrial chemicals. Take a look below to see all engineering jobs that fall under chemical engineering.

Here’s every chemical engineering job we can think of

Agricultural engineer

Analytical chemist

Biomedical engineer

Chemical engineer

Chemical plant operator

Electrical engineer

Energy engineer

Engineering technician

Environmental engineer

Geological engineer


Maintenance engineer

Manufacturing engineer

Materials engineer

Mechanical drafter

Medical physicist


Minerals processing engineer

Mining engineer

Nuclear engineer

Petroleum engineer

Pharmaceutical engineer

Process chemist

Process engineer

Product development scientist

Production engineer

Quality and compliance manager


Risk engineer

Thermal engineer

Water treatment specialist

Civil engineering

Not to be mistaken with the humble tradie, civil engineers are everything from surveyors, to architects, planners, designers and implementers. Everything that’s built in the public (or sometimes privately-owned) domain is the responsibility of a civil engineer.

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Here’s every civil engineering job we can think of


Building control surveyor

CAD technician

Consulting civil engineer

Contracting civil engineer

Construction manager

Design engineer

Environmental engineer

Fire engineer

Geotechnical engineer

Landscape architect

Mechanical engineer

Project manager

Renewable energy specialist

Site engineer

Structural engineer


Transport engineer

Urban and regional planner

Water engineer

Electrical engineering

If it’s got a power source, it’s a task for the electrical engineer. Think: computers, telephone lines, power and energy, lighting, radars and navigation systems. A certified electrical engineer can aspire to become anything, from a cybersecurity specialist to robotics engineer!

Here’s every electrical engineering job we can think of

Acoustic consultant/engineer

Aerospace engineer

Audio engineer

Automotive engineer

Broadcast engineer

CAD technician

Computational modeller

Computer engineer

Control and instrumentation engineer

Cybersecurity engineer

Design engineer

Electrical engineer

Electrical power systems engineer

Electronics engineer

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers have the most similarities to an electrical engineer and a civil engineer, so often a degree in any of these disciplines will get your foot in the door to these careers. Specialise in mechanical engineering if you like to design, build or maintain machines – it’s a mechanical engineer’s bread and butter!

Here’s every mechanical engineering job we can think of

Acoustic engineer

Aerospace engineer

Aeronautics engineer

Automation and controls engineer

Automotive engineer

Fire engineer

Fluid mechanist

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) engineer

Maintenance engineer

Manufacturing engineer

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical piping engineer

Mechatronics engineer

Metallurgist engineer

Minerals processing engineer

Mining engineer

Nuclear engineer

Renewable energy specialist

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