Engineering graduates

engineering graduates

The Commonwealth Bank is hiring more engineering graduates than ever before, says CIO David Whiteing.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and our expectations of it being available 24/7 are shaping how we live and work. How we face problems in the future will rely heavily on ensuring we have people with the skills and talents to perform in this increasingly fast-paced, technology-driven environment. That’s why it’s so important for Australia and for future generations to explore and nurture careers in engineering, and other STEM related fields. It’s not about one company needing these talents over another – it’s the fact that jobs are changing.

Twenty years ago we didn’t all have laptops and mobile phones. Work wasn’t all email. Today, all offices have computers and 24/7 internet access. As jobs evolve with this pace of change, we need people with the right capabilities to succeed. That’s why the Commonwealth Bank is changing how we work. To be more agile and deliver quicker. But most importantly, to have the right culture of people working in small teams, loving what they do and passionately delivering the best outcomes for customers.

The Commonwealth Bank plays a huge role in supporting our community through education. As part of this focus, we have invested $1.6m in a five-year partnership with UNSW Sydney, aimed at boosting the nation’s reserve of quality security engineering professionals.

As an organisation, we are constantly identifying and implementing new ways of working and require our people to look toward the future. We are engaging and hiring more graduates from engineering disciplines across our business than ever before, from computer and software engineering to biomedical, chemical, mechatronic and petroleum engineering.

There’s a lot of exciting roles out there today, and new roles currently unheard of just on the horizon. The great thing about engineering is that it will expose you to a universal set of skills, with unlimited possibilities.

– David Whiteing

Group Executive & CIO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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