4 quick quizzes any wannabe engineer should take

Thinking about studying engineering? These quick quizzes should help narrow down your options.

Forget everything you thought you knew about engineering. There’s so much more to the ‘E’ in STEM than rocking a hard hat and hanging out at a construction site. While there’s no one single career that defines everything that engineering encompasses, there are multiple skills that are central to all engineering careers – maths and science, innovation, design thinking, technical smarts and creativity.

Still struggling to imagine what an engineer actually does? According to a 2019 Australian Government survey of young people, confusion about what the E in STEM means is one of the big reasons keeping them from choosing engineering for their study and career pathways.

The following four quizzes should make things a little clearer, and match you up with a compatible discipline that suits your strengths and passions.

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Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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