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By Laura Boness

Engineering student projects at UNSW Australia are exploding to new heights.

UNSW Australia offers student-led projects in areas like artificial intelligence, electronics and manufacturing.

New ideas for projects often come from the students themselves. Kate Stead, a UNSW Australia project officer for student-led activities, says there’s been an “explosion of interest” in the past five years.

“If you want to get involved in a real-world project like solar racing or space engineering, there are so many different clubs at UNSW – like Sunswift or BLUEsat,” she says.

Students in Sunswift design and build solar-powered vehicles that go on to compete in the international World Solar Challenge. Sunswift project manager Simba Kuestler says this helps young engineers learn crucial skills for life after uni – and put theory into practice.

“I’ll never forget the team of amazing people I’ve met and achieving world-firsts,” he says.

The BLUEsat group has several endeavours going: developing a satellite, a Mars rover and a satellite ground station, and launching stratospheric balloons.

BLUEsat president Thomas Dixon joined after hearing about the society at an engineering internships night organised by a student group.

“There aren’t many similar opportunities out there to work on space engineering projects,” he says.

engineering student projects

“I’ll never forget the team of amazing people I’ve met and achieving world-firsts.”

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