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Quiz: Could you be an environmental engineer?

Environmental engineer

So you want to help the environment, but you also want to be an engineer. Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. Just become an environmental engineer! Sustainability is their game, and these clever STEM pros use their skills to minimise negative effects of projects on the environment.

It’s an exciting area of engineering that combines STEM and global problem solving in such an epic way. Take our quiz to see if this could be the perfect pathway for you to explore.

Meet an environmental engineer

Claire Chaikin-Bryan - environmental engineer

Don’t take our word for it that environmental engineering is an awesome field to be in. We spoke to Claire Chaikin-Bryan, a civil and environmental engineer who studied a Bachelor of Civil and Digital Engineering at UTS. She’s using her STEM skills to make communities more liveable and is the Smart City Lead, Lake Macquarie City Council.

Create social change

If you’re looking for more inspo on how STEM can make the world a better and fairer place, take a look at this list of handy reads.

  • STEM champion fights for accessible food packaging
    Jerusha Mather, a PhD student in the medical sciences at Victoria University, is kickstarting a petition to make food packaging more accessible.
  • 5 future city shaper jobs
    Imagine a world where skyscrapers power themselves, walkable access to amenities is a priority and there is an infrastructure, health and educational balance across all community demographics… that’s the vision of a future city shaper.

Be sure to check out Careers with STEM: Indigenous too. It was launched to inspire young Indigenous students in Australia and New Zealand to pursue STEM courses and careers.

Engineering resources

Oh, we have so many! Take a look at our Careers with Engineering hub to find stories on civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, women in engineering and heaps more. You can also found out about alternative pathways into engineering (just in case you don’t ace your ATAR!) and take quick quizzes designed for wannabe engineers.

We also have incredible career profiles on STEM peeps making their mark on the engineering world. From robotics engineers to structural engineers, you’re bound to find someone who has walked the path you’re thinking about taking. Go soak up all their advice.

And don’t forget our Job Kits! The Careers with STEM Job Kits are free downloadable 8-page e-mags which offer a complete introduction to individual STEM careers. Discover what a specific STEM job is all about, meet real people working in that job and find out what you can do right now to set your career on the right path.

For engineering, add these to your reading list:

These are super handy for the classroom, or to have on hand when you’re thinking about degrees or VET courses.

Still working out what passion to combine with engineering? Take our ‘What’s your Engineering + X?‘ quiz.

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