Meet the 17-year-old entrepreneur developing the coolest study app 

Eric Rametta
17-year-old Melbourne schoolboy, Eric Rametta, has already begun to realise his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Eric Rametta is setting out to change the game for students tackling multiple subjects, timetables and exams to cram for 

Thought it was busy enough being 17 and tackling assignments, study, extracurricular stuff, social commitments and everything in-between? Seventeen-year-old Melbourne school kid Eric Rametta has added ‘pitch and develop an app’ to his already packed to-do list.

Taking out the Expo Digital Pitch Tank Competition with his big idea StudyMeter, he’ll now receive an Innovation Sprint workshop to help him develop his cutting-edge product.

So, what’s his big idea? 

As part of an initiative devoted to identifying and fostering entrepreneurial talent, Studymeter was pitched following Eric’s frustration at the lack of organisational study resources for those transitioning into high school. 

Eric Rametta
Eric is proof that you can kickstart a STEM pathway at any age!

“I found it difficult to manage independent study and homework,” he explains. “There was really no way of knowing which topics I needed to focus on and which techniques I needed to use to study those particular areas of content.”

Initially just for fun, Eric started tracking the progression of his studies so that he could pinpoint where to focus his energy. He would then seek out techniques that would assist each phase of his learning for all subject topics.  

He kept refining the system, turning it into a simple – but game-changing – learning model. Then he began sharing it with mates. 

“It didn’t make much sense to allocate my time and effort based on assumptions that I had about my strengths and weaknesses,” he stresses.

“Like in the same way that it wouldn’t make sense to run a Facebook advertising campaign without analytics, simply based on what you think would work best.”

For the love of data

Since taking out the Expo Digital Pitch Tank Comp Eric is pumped to be receiving further guidance on the development StudyMeter IRL. Plus, he’s now got some seriously slick data science and analytics skills under his belt. 

“Being a somewhat nerdy guy, I came to really appreciate the value of data and analytics,” he laughs. 

Tech, entrepreneurial and analytics experience? With such an in-demand skill-set we can’t wait to see which STEM path Eric kickstarts after high school.  


Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

As Refraction’s digital editor, Cassie Steel spends her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists on Twitter.


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