With hundreds of role models sharing their STEM career journey in front of live audiences of teachers, students, career counsellors and career changers, the Careers with STEM team and their experienced speakers engage and inspire audiences. Events include panel discussions, workshops, large-scale presentations and exhibitions.

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Upcoming events:

Careers with STEM Science event

17 February 12pm AEDT: Science

In this webinar, we highlight the crucial role of science and scientists in a world facing huge challenges like climate change and a global pandemic. You’ll meet scientists who don’t just work in the lab and field – they collaborate on innovative new areas that lead to whole new products and careers. You’ll also hear about how to get into a career you’ll love that combines science with your passion!

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Careers with STEM Space event

24 February 12pm AEDT: Space

Did you know that jobs in the space sector are incredibly varied? Some people work in space law, or space medicine, while others have expertise in manufacturing or coding, research or communication. When it comes to your space career, not even the sky’s the limit! Join us at this free webinar to discuss future space careers and meet real-life, Australian space professionals.

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Cyber security careers: Live webinar recording

Looking for all the insider details on cyber security careers? We chat to three experts in cyber security in our live webinar recording.

Get into tech

So, you want a next-gen tech gig? Live webinar recording

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories.

Careers with STEM Events

So, you want a next-gen data science gig? Live Webinar recording

So, you wanna kickstart a future-focused data science career? Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories.


Secure a next-gen science career: live webinar recording

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths and swapping pathway stories.

Live webinar recording: How to become an engineer

So you want to become an engineer? In this live webinar recording, Careers with STEM co-founder and journalist Heather Catchpole online speed tests the latest edition of Careers with STEM: Engineering and talks to three engineers working on some fascinating challenges and learns about how they got involved in their careers.

Careers with STEM Events

National student hackathon winners buoyed up with success

Tassie team takes out inaugural ANSTO hackathon with cool buoy ocean energy prototype that generates renewable energy from the sea.

Careers with STEM Events

Making National Science Week inclusive: Empowering STEM students with disabilities

This National Science Week, those traditionally excluded from engagement STEM activities will have the opportunity to independently participate remotely.

Meet the faces behind STEM's most surprising art/science careers

Science and art go hand-in-hand. The five women here not only prove this statement is true, but also defy other STEM stereotypes.

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Hacking for social good

Here’s why engineering is a career choice for social good: you get to hack innovative humanitarian solutions for Pacific Islands