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Everything you need to know about AI

Everything You Need to Know About Ai

From ChatGPT and voice assistants, to facial recognition and self-driving cars, the world can’t stop talking about – and using – AI.

Don’t really get what all the hype is about? Then this is for you. We’ll get you up to speed on what AI is, what it’s capable of, the pros, the cons, and the AI careers of the future you could be a part of. Here’s everything you need to know about AI!

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What is AI?

AI is all about developing computer systems that use big sets of data to solve problems and perform ‘intelligent’ tasks. This includes things like visual perception, reasoning and decision making, and understanding natural language. One of the ways to build these systems is through machine learning. It gives the computer examples of what it should do, then lets it figure out how to do it. Find out more here.

What can it do?

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AI is already a huge part of our lives. It’s there when you unlock your phone with your face, ask Google Maps for the quickest route to the place you’re going and when you open ChatGPT to brainstorm assignment ideas. It’s also being used in a range of industries: in banking it’s a good tool for detecting fraud, in healthcare it can scan large amounts of data to make better diagnoses, and in transportation it can alter traffic light algorithms to manage roads in real time.

Where is AI used?

  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Farming
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation

What are the benefits?

AI can save time, analyse massive amounts of data for smarter decisions and minimise human errors. These positives are felt in everyday life and across all sorts of industries. Did you know that 89% of large businesses in Australia are already using AI technology? It’s something that’s here to stay and set to grow, so keep it in mind as you consider uni and TAFE courses and your future electives.

The trouble with AI…

Is trust! A University of Queensland and KPMG Australia study found that only 40% of Australians trust the use of AI at work. This stems from ethical concerns like bias and discrimination, data privacy and regulation. Workers are also worried about where they fit into the AI workplace. A survey by Microsoft revealed that 49% of people worry about AI replacing their jobs.

New jobs AI will create

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Regardless of your feelings about AI, one thing is for sure: it will create heaps of workforce change. The 100 Jobs of the Future report identified potential new and surprising roles, some of which don’t even exist yet. Below are ones in AI to look out for!

AI educator – Someone who teaches others how to get the most out of AI. This could include things like working with household robots, digital assistants or using big data to make decisions.

AI intellectual property negotiator – A next level patent lawyer! These STEM pros will negotiate on behalf of AI entities that have created new things. They’ll also represent humans when AI has used their ideas without permission.

Automated transit system troubleshooter – Someone who can help when your self-driving car gets hacked, experiences unexpected extreme weather or can’t work out what to do with the human-driven car in front of it that’s breaking the road rules!

Automation anomaly analyst – Who you’ll call when AI gets it wrong. This kind of analyst will tweak the algorithm so you get a better solution, and will identify the data inputs that led to the incorrect result.

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This story first appeared in Careers with STEM: Technology 2023.


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