Everything you need to know about ATAR in 5 TikToks

Where better to look for facts than TikToK?

It’s that time of year when one four letter word is on everyone’s lips… yep, ATAR!

ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, and it’s mainly used by universities as a tool (but not the only one!) to offer places in their courses.

With lockdowns and COVID throwing the last two years into a bit of a spin, universities are offering plenty of students placements before ATARs are even announced, and if you don’t get the ATAR you hoped for, there are loads of alternative pathways.

Yes, study is important and it’s a good idea to put in the hard yards, but mental health is important too! Especially after the crazy couple of years we’ve had.

But don’t hear it just from us – here are 5 Aussie TikTok videos to help get the message across.

1. Yes ATAR is important – but your mental health matters more! And did we mention there are alternative pathways?

@launatutors creds: @fahad_teaches ❤️Yes ATAR is important. No it’s not as important as u think. Put ur mental health first #vce #atar #year12 #yeartwelve ♬ YAY AREA U BEEZY FOLLOW SEIJIODA – seiji oda

2. Someone else’s ATAR has no bearing on yours

@imi_imogen1 Reply to @ashton_su75 ♬ original sound – imi_imogen

3. You don’t need to know what you want to do after high school! And you can change your mind, or change pathways altogether

@byrondempsey Who else was confused with what to do after year 12? EP 48 #drivenyoung #mentalhealth #year12 #atar ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

4. Choose subjects based on what you love and enjoy, don’t try to game the ATAR system

@sarahrav #stitch with @theyenvyraj – SUCH an important message for every student to hear!! 🙌🏽✨ #studytips #subjectchoice #ATAR #VCE #highschooltips ♬ original sound – Sarah Rav

5. Did we say this enough times already? One more time, louder for the people up the back

@dr.rayb Watch this as many times as you need to. #mentalhealth #atar #hsc #vce #wace #qsc #year12 #highschool #atarresults ♬ Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr.


Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma is the Managing Editor of Careers with STEM magazine. She has previously worked as Digital Managing Editor at Australian Geographic and a staff writer at Cosmos science magazine.


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