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Quiz: Can you guess these STEM + fashion & beauty careers?

Fashion & beauty careers

If you think that fashion & beauty don’t go with STEM, think again.

The beauty and fashion industries are crying out for STEM grads who are fluent in code, innovation, engineering and science. If you’re thinking a gig in fashion or beauty is for you, why not add some STEM to up your employability and future proof your career? Our trivia quiz will put you to the test to see where your fashion & beauty careers knowledge is at, but will also inspire you to consider all the different and creative jobs in this space!

STEM + Fashion & Beauty

If this is the ultimate career mashup for you, then we recommend you head on over to our STEM + Fashion & Beauty careers hub. Here you’ll find stacks of ways to combine your love for fashion and beauty with science, technology, engineering and maths. Hear from fashion designers, coders, product designers, maths experts and more.

You can also check out the profiles of role models with some amazing STEM + fashion & beauty careers:

Maggie McGown, fashion founder: Maggie is using maths in her fashion business, Magpie Goose, to create employment opportunities for Indigenous artists in the Northern Territory.

Zoe Ghani, director of product: Zoe found her dream job at the intersection between tech and fashion working at The Iconic.

Natalie Aslan, fashion designer: Natalie uses digital tools like online pattern making to improve her design practice. In the video below, she talks us through the ways technology permeates the fashion industry.

Hang on, what’s STEM + X?

The Careers with STEM secret formula is STEM + X – where ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal. Think science + business = new space rockets, or tech + agriculture = smarter farming. Engineering + health = new medicines or maths + shopping = happier customers and less retail waste. Find out more about STEM + X (plus the importance of adding STEM to your future career) over here.

More quizzes please!

That’s an easy request! Here’s our entire library of STEM career quizzes. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your results!

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