Monday, August 8, 2022
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Fixed apps are no problem for ‘the Fixer’

fixed apps
Ever had a problem on your phone or tablet you couldn't fix? You need coding! Jerome Marson works with fixed apps for a living.

From great idea to start-up

how to commercialise research
Learn how to take a postgrad degree to commercial product.

10 things I wish I’d known before starting university

10 thimgs I wish I knew before starting uni
Engineering graduate Larissa Fedunik shares 10 tips for new uni starters.

Young entrepreneurs strike again with new web start-up

young entrepreneurs
Failure is not a dirty word for serial entrepreneur Alborz Fallah, who recently launched his 18th web-based business.

Get equipped for recent graduate jobs in IT

ACS recent graduate jobs
Meet the community of 22,000 IT experts in Australia, helping to bridge the gap for recent graduate jobs in the IT and Technology sector.

Companion robots to make you better

Medical robots offering young minds creativity and challenge: a cute companion robot called ikki is being trialled in a number of children's hospitals.

Medical robots: from wearables to insideables

medical robots
Inspired by how fireflies communicate, Samy Movassaghi is designing medical robots to help make us healthier.

Easy listening: STEM podcasts

STEM podcasts
We've compiled a list of the best STEM podcasts that are easy and entertaining for that long drive, walk home, or dull vacuuming session.

3D Food Printing

3d food printing
3D food printing: trendy culinary technology, or answer to the future of sustainable food?

The very hungry caterpillars

hungry caterpillars
Scoring runner up in UNSW's Bragg Writing Prize is Ebony Wallin's essay about the very hungry caterpillars that can digest plastic.

Givebot, the charity chatbot

Rupert Parry and Max Harrison have created Givebot, the chatbot that changes the way you donate to charity.

Careers with STEM 2017

Careers with Code 2017
Google and the Commonwealth Bank are distributing 100 free copies of the Careers with STEM magazines to every Australian high school.

5 surprising Defence careers

Defence careers
Whether it’s protecting smart tech from cyber attacks or creating fuels from algae, there’s something for everyone in Defence

Get frontline career skills in STEM + Defence

Defence careers
Looking for a career with purpose at the cutting edge of STEM? A career in Defence is a rewarding way to make an impact

Want 100 free magazines for your school? Order yours today!

Australian and New Zealand high schools can order up to 100 free copies of Careers with STEM: Technology magazine.