Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Career tips for STEM students

Five STEM superstars share their career tips for STEM students.

Quiz: Are you an actuary or accountant?

Are you an actuary or accountant
Which of these exciting maths careers should you get into?

Six space missions to look forward to in 2021

Space exploration achieved several notable firsts in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, including commercial human spaceflight and returning samples of an asteroid to Earth. The coming year is shaping up to be just as interesting. Here are some of the missions to keep an eye out for. Artemis 1 Artemis 1 is the first flight of the Nasa-led, international Artemis program to return astronauts to the Moon by...

Engineering activities for the school holidays

Have fun with robot kits, simple circuits and engineering quizzes!

Quiz: What’s your STEM new year’s resolution?

Should you learn to code or become a climate activist?

Tech activities for the school holidays

Learning to code, rebuilding old tech, making a stop motion animation... There are so many fun tech activities to try these school holidays!

Quiz: What app should you develop?

Which app should you develop?
Productivity, social media, lifestyle or a game? Let's find out what app you'll develop!

Build a global career with STEM – without going abroad (yet)

Dream of changing the world? Discover how STEM can kickstart your global career

Science activities for the school holidays

From taking a visit to your closest observatory to making your very own electric toothbrush, here are six fun science activities to try in the school holidays.

Build your STEM career as a student ambassador

Image of students
Excellent at English? Love delving into history? Have a passion for music? You might be surprised at the skills that are relevant to cyber security careers.

Who are the most influential climate activists?

Who are the most influential climate activists
Dr Johnson and Greta Thunberg have effective but totally different influencing styles!

Our top stories of 2020

From jobs that don’t exist (yet!) to 15 women smashing stereotypes in nuclear science!

Quiz: What future job should I have?

What future job should I have?
Gazing into the future and wondering what STEM study and career pathway to take? Looking for a job...

5 STEM social media careers you’ll want to share

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are reliant on a relatively new breed of STEM professional, whose specialised tech brains mine statistics to offer up marketing insights, solve functionality issues and develop new platforms. Social media careers are in demand right now.

Aboriginal astronomy about the seven sisters: world’s oldest story?

Pleiades star cluster
Astronomers say global myths about 'seven sisters' stars may reach back 100,000 years.