Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Here’s a list of all the computer science jobs we can think of

computer science jobs
Keen for a career in tech? We've listed as many computer science jobs as we can, so you can widen your job search.

CV-pedia: the A-Z of getting a job

Here, we hash out some of the key things to think about when applying for your first part-time or graduate gig.

2020: Expectations vs. reality

Hover boards! Flying Cars! Robots! Mars! Decades ago futurists made some pretty bold predictions about the year 2020.

Data science could help California battle future wildfires, but what about ours?

Fire devastation
Today, researchers are finding transformative new ways to use data and computational methods.

A glossary of gaming gigs

Maru Media
For a lot of keen coders, getting into the gaming industry is the ultimate. Here’s how to press ‘start’ on your pathway.

5 life-saving health science careers you should consider

Health scientist tech futuristic
Health scientists work behind-the-scenes in the medical world, on everything from making sure equipment is working safely to carrying out in-lab testing and medical exams.

Visit our dystopian future and learn how to change it

How bleak is the future really? An interactive exhibit, Monash University’s “A Future Without Change,” answers that very question and shows how science can change our dystopian future for the better.

How speaking ‘cow’ is revolutionising modern farming

Alexandra Green
A breakthrough in the way we communicate with cows is assisting farmers tune into the emotional state of their cattle.

Work is a fundamental part of being human, and robots won’t stop us doing it

Future of work
Recent studies have raised alarms that advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will leave all sectors open to the threat of machines replacing human workers.

AI may soon be able to analyse your tweets to match you to a job

Maria Sharapova
Studies have shown people leave traces of themselves through the language they post online and their online behaviours.

Do I have to go to university to have a career in STEM?

Your study options to get into STEM are more flexible than ever. We take a deep dive into your options for VET study in STEM courses.

DIY silly, STEM-themed bon bons

STEM jokes
Minimise your carbon footprint these holidays while upping the funny factor, with DIY bon bons stuffed with science jokes.

A guide on changing preferences for Australian universities

QUT change of preferences Australia university
If exam stress meant you didn’t have your head on straight while choosing your uni preferences, we’ve got good news: it’s ok to change your mind, and changing preferences at this stage could mean studying your perfect degree. Here's how to do it.

Virtual reality is revolutionising remote mental health care

VR careers
Virtual reality (VR) may pave the way for myriad new opportunities.

Fighting antibiotic resistance is a full time STEM job

The war against antibiotic resistance requires some serious revision, says Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2009) laureate Ada Yonath.