Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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6 Engineering Myths Busted

engineering myths
Think you know what engineering is all about? Read on and make sure you haven’t been hoodwinked by any of these persistent engineering myths.

Three reasons you should stick with maths, according to experts

Studying maths is likely to make you smarter and more employable.

What’s up at Hopper Down Under

Googlers at HopperDownUnder
Meet some of the amazing women studying and working in technology from the first Hopper Down Under conference!

Study concludes class size has a huge impact on female STEM participation

With increasing numbers of females getting into tech careers, encouraging gender diversity in STEM fields has never been more important.

Meet the engineers developing cutting-edge tech for the defence industry

The defence industry is one of Australia’s biggest employers of engineers – developing cutting-edge technology away from the frontline. Future submarines, Joint Strike Fighter jets and Hawkei armoured vehicles are just some of the exciting defence projects in Australia right now – and engineers are in high demand to make them happen. Joyce Mau, a research engineer with Defence Science and...

The rise of robotics, and what it means for engineers

Artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics are revolutionising the way we work. Pretty much every industry is being affected, from healthcare to transport, retail to construction, and defence to resources. And at the controls of the automation revolution are engineers. Bright future for engineers A report commissioned by Google called The Automation Advantage says by 2030, machines are likely to take...

Careers with STEM: Engineering 2019 is out now!

The latest issue of Careers with STEM is now available to purchase or to read free online While engineering is a broad term that applies to a diverse range of careers, they all have one thing in common: applying STEM skills to solve real-world problems, in everything from medicine to mining, energy and construction, to food technology and materials science....

How engineers are fighting the war on waste

From single-use plastics to e-waste, Australia – and the world – has a waste problem, and engineers are at the forefront of clearing the way to a solution. Straws and other single-use plastics are the poster children for the world’s wasteful ways. In Australia, we consume billions of single-use plastics each year, with most ending up in landfill. But it’s...

Why we need to talk about diversity in engineering

Engineering is essentially designing our world, says Dr Francesca Maclean, a consultant at Arup Australia. “If we don’t have a diverse engineering workforce, the world we shape won’t be inclusive of diverse perspectives and needs.” Companies with inclusive teams make smarter decisions, solve problems faster and deliver better results. It also leads to designing win-win solutions for everyday people. For...

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon kicks off to boost female STEM representation

Wikipedia editors
On July 25, Australian STEM enthusiasts from the health, medical and life sciences sector will take to their keyboards as Wikipedia editors to increase the visibility of female scientists on Wikipedia. 

Everything you need to know about the National Questacon Invention Convention, according to two innovators that actually went

We chat to two past-participants of the National Questacon Invention Convention about their experience attending the five-day event in Canberra.

5 ways registering for the National Questacon Invention Convention will kickstart your career as an inventor

National Invention Convention
With registrations open now for next year, here are five reasons why applying for the National Questacon Invention Convention could score you some invaluable career cred.

How astrophysicist Bachelor Matt Agnew used his transferable STEM skills to land a data science gig

In the ads we were promised a handsome, out-of-this-world astrophysicist, but it has since been revealed that...

5 humanitarian STEM careers making major social impact

When we think of humanitarian and social impact careers, we often think of legal aid, education and...

Infographic: What would Willy Wonka’s factory cost today?

Oompa Loompas screenshot
The infographic covers everything from Oompa Loompa salaries to the cost of edible wallpaper and powering it all with renewable energy.