Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Video playlist: All things AI and robots

Robot video playlist
Here's some weekend or after school viewing that'll get you pumped for a career in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) or technology!

How high school maths is used IRL

High school maths
Find out how high school maths (like geometry and algebra) is used in real life... We’re talking all sorts of cool STEM jobs!

6 reasons not to drop maths

6 reasons not to drop maths
Keen to drop maths as soon as you can? Before you subtract it from your life completely, consider the pluses that it’ll have when applying for uni or acing your first gig.

A picture of health (careers)

Careers in health
Everyone from dentists to bioinformaticians, epidemiologists and psychologists rely on solid maths and data skills.

All about apprenticeships: Live webinar recording

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals who have kickstarted alternative study pathways

The benefits of VET, according to a course coordinator

We asked a VET course coordinator from Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), exactly what’s involved in a VET pathway

No uni? No prob! The resources sector needs more apprentices

Mining careers
If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy doing technical work, an apprenticeship in mining and resources could be for you

Fast track your path into healthcare with a traineeship

Healthcare traineeships
Here’s how to fast track your path into healthcare with a traineeship

Inside IT opportunities for apprentice and trainee grads

Information technology (IT) skills are in demand and there are some big-name opportunities out there for apprentice and trainee graduates

Our latest issue is all about the skills you’ll need for the jobs of tomorrow

maths careers commonwealth bank
Get inspired about the jobs of the future with the new Careers with STEM: Maths & Data edition - out now.

15 maths jobs of the future

Top emerging careers in Australia
The National Skills Commission has identified the top emerging careers in Australia. A recurring theme in almost all of them? Maths and data skills!

These awesome maths careers might surprise you!

maths careers
Maths is used every day in almost everything we do – including some pretty awesome careers that might surprise you

QUIZ: What’s your STEM + X?

Take a STEM discipline, and mix in your X (your passion or hobby) and you've got a one-of-a-kind career!

Click and career: Maths jobs in retail

Maths retail careers
Retail is undergoing a tech revolution – and there are loads of future-focused jobs for sale

Total life saver! Maths skills in medicine

maths careers
Discover how the maths topics you’re learning today help healthcare professionals save lives, everyday