Sunday, April 18, 2021
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A day in the life of an astronomy ambassador

Karlie Noon - astronomy ambassador
Karlie Noon is an astronomy ambassador for The Sydney Observatory. She shares her STEM journey and deets about her cool job with us!

Quiz: What’s your dream food job?

What's your dream food job?
There's a whole menu of careers to explore in food science. Let's find out which one suits you best!

Here’s a list of every maths job we could think of

Maths jobs
There are plenty of ways to combine maths with your passion! From finance to fashion, check out these cool careers.

Build your future with STEM

QUT IT Student Ho Sze
For international student Ho Sze Wong, QUT’s Master of IT is opening up exciting new career opportunities.

Quiz: What tech degree is right for you?

Tech degree
Should you study a Bachelor of Information Technology or a Bachelor of Computer Science?

9 STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification

Uni not for you? No problem! From mechanic to programmer, here are nine awesome STEM jobs you can score with a VET qualification.

What is VET?

What is VET
Thinking about study options for after school? Not sure if uni is for you? VET could be the winning ticket to your dream STEM career.

STEM sisters – Tessa and Celeste Carnegie

Tessa and Celeste Carnegie
Birrigubba Juru and South Sea Islander women Tessa and Celeste Carnegie promote the participation of women and Indigenous youth in STEM.

Quiz: Which woman in tech are you?

Woman in tech
Maybe you're Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube or Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code?

Advice from women in STEM

Advice from Women in STEM
We round up some brilliant advice from women in STEM that will be inspire you as your take your own study and career journey.

Q&A with up-and-coming girl in STEM Isabella Ennever

Isabella Ennever
Country to Canberra Award winner, a great writer and thinker at just 16, Isabella Ennever shares with us some inspiring thoughts and her experiences so far. Q - Hi Isabella, congrats on all the success so far! What job did you want to do when you were little? A- From a young age I dreamed of riding in the Olympics and...

Build your own space startup

Space startup
Do you love space? Think galactic and create your own startup!

Careers with maths – advice from the IAG Perils team

The IAG Perils team share their STEM experiences with us, including why they think maths is super important!

Teaching the beauty, power and usefulness of maths

Associate Professor Steve Sugden teaching in class
Semi-retired, Associate Professor Steve Sugden has spent a varied career working in both industry and academia, but...

Meet the Bragg Prize 2021 judges

Bragg Prize 2021 Judges
Aspiring to be a writer? Get your thinking caps on now! The UNSW Bragg Student Prize for...