Thursday, April 25, 2019
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15 top podcasts in STEM that we can’t get enough of

Top podcasts for STEM listeners - blue headphones against bright pink background
Our picks for top podcasts in science, tech, engineering and maths are way more fun than listening to music... and you might even learn a little something.

What is engineering? It’s probably not what you think

What is engineering? Two stereotypical engineers stand wearing hard hats and high vis with a big red cross over them. Text says "Engineers don't have to look like this."
If you’re envisioning hard hats and wrecking balls, stop right there. We answer the burning question, "What is engineering?" to set the record straight. If you're confused about what engineering is really about, this is a must-read.

5 cool maths games that you’ll actually want to play in your spare time

Teen boy plays cool maths games on his iPhone
We get it. Maths at school can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! These cool maths games will have you sharpening your logic skills and injecting the fun back into maths.

So, what’s the big deal about data anyway?

Big data and data science - young girl holds a representation of 'data' in her hands
Big data and data science has the potential to make businesses boom, prevent disease and cut carbon emissions – if only we had enough data scientists to get the job done

Meet the marine biologist who works up close with the ocean’s fiercest predator

footage of large white sharks
By analysing this footage of large white sharks, the marine scientists were able to see hunting behaviour that was previously kept secret.

Marine science jobs can be creative too!

Marine science jobs can be creative too: Marlee Hutton and Indigenous Ranger students
Marine science jobs are critical to keeping our rivers and oceans healthy, but are also an unexpected avenue into a creative career. See how a ceramicist is helping handfish to breed successfully, and how a CSIRO researcher is tapping in to her Indigenous heritage to track dugong populations.

5 top tips to succeed in your first year at uni

University of Sydney grounds
For many students and their parents, transitioning to university is an exciting but daunting experience. Here are five tips to help students make the most of their first year.

Are you a future business mogul? Get a computer science degree first

Girl studying computer science degree holds her fists up in victory while sitting in front of computer
Mixing your computer science degree with business can lead to amazing opportunities. Here's how future business moguls are getting their start with CS.

Nine out of 10 educators want more careers resources for the classroom, says survey

STEM education survey - image shows three hands positioning cogs into place together
How are teachers, parents and students keeping up with the future of work? Our STEM education survey was designed to figure it out.

6 steps for perfecting personal branding

personal branding
Your career is your own personal brand, so use these personal branding tips to optimise your digital footprint and to help you secure a job.

The best time for grad job opportunities

job opportunities
We reveal the best time of the year for grad job opportunities according to job listings platform Indeed, because timing is everything!

These Macquarie Uni data science students are future-proofing their careers

Satwik and Caitlin sit on chairs in Macquarie Uni's study hub to discuss data science jobs and their degree
Data science students Satwik and Caitlin have their job options nailed by majoring in data science through Macquarie University’s Bachelor of IT.

Macquarie’s new Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences shows you how the world works

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences
The new Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at MQ is the only course of its kind in Sydney, teaching students modelling, problem solving & data analysis.

Oceans and climate change: we’re on a countdown

oceans and climate change
Finding a solution to global warming in time will require an understanding of the complex processes behind climate and weather, which affect oceans and climate change.

4 science-backed ways to make the school holidays last longer

How to make time go slower: A woman's hand turns back the hands of a clock
If you feel like your holidays are skating by, here are 4 science-backed ways to make time go slower.