Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Quantum technologies… Welcome to the future of everything

Quantum Technologies
Want to work with era-defining, emerging technology? From chemistry to communications, quantum technologies are set to change the world.

Major in tomorrow with AI

Artificial intelligence at UWA
Forget worrying about robots stealing your job – build a career in artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ll be in high demand at the cutting edge of tech.

Get a head start with x15ventures

Want to improve the way things work? Discover the fast-paced world of startups at x15ventures.

Australia’s Chief Scientist talks gender in STEM

Dr Cathy Foley
Dr Cathy Foley is Australia's Chief Scientist and today she gave us the lowdown about skills shortages in STEM, recovering from the pandemic plus pushing for equity in STEM careers. Here's some highlights from Cathy's Helen Williams Oration at the Institute of Public Administration Australia. STEM careers are growing almost twice as fast as other jobs, and more than a...

Unleash your potential with an Atlassian internship

Aditi Venkatesh - Atlassian internships
Want to kickstart your career while you’re still at uni? An Atlassian internship is your opportunity.

4 women in cyber security share their epic CVs

Are you a woman thinking about getting into cyber security? We hit up four female grads and asked them how they got there

Indigenous VET students are doing awesome things in STEM

An indigenous health researcher and apprentice electrician are among the Charles Darwin University (CDU) students honoured at this year’s Northern Territory Training Awards

Upskill and be in demand with a graduate certificate

Graduate certificates
Want to boost your STEM credentials? A graduate certificate is a super quick option and highly regarded by employers.

How to DIY a tech career to suit your passion

Career in information technology
Interested in IT but not sure if it fits with your other passions? Read this first to discover how you can use tech skills and qualifications to build your dream career.

Love STEM and communications? Work in cyber security!

Cyber security communications
Cyber security awareness could be the key to stopping cybercrime – and you don’t need to be a technical mastermind.

Use your tech skills to build a better world

Social justice + technology
If you’re passionate about social justice, combine your do-good-attitude with technology skills for a career that can make a real difference.

STEM experts want us to re-think the way we discuss eating disorders

Researchers like Dr Sian McLean are encouraging us to rethink the way we talk about mental health – and more specifically, eating disorders

6 STEM-inspired Halloween costumes

Swap the crazy scientist vibe this Halloween for a more modern take on STEM.

Springboard into tech + real estate

Springboard to Tech
We're always pumped to hear about awesome programs that promote STEM + X pathways! If you're keen on tech + real estate, you need to now about REA Group's Springboard to Tech program that paves the way for women who want to work in this area.

Bust cybercrime with a STEM career

Cyber security is the new frontier of warfare, and cyber criminals are the enemy.