Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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5 careers in mathematics that might surprise you

Not only mathematicians use maths! A number of surprising careers in mathematics benefit from having senior high school and uni level maths skills.

Forensic biology star awarded for her research on crime-solving marine critters

forensic biology
Murdoch University researcher and forensic biology researcher Dr Paola Magni is investigating how marine organisms can provide crime-solving clues.

Report finds millennials the most ‘curious’ generation – and why curiosity is good for business

Pharmaceutical giant Merck has measured curiosity in its 3000 employees with intriguing results - find out why millenials scored the highest.

Health data analytics: the best medicine

health data analytics
Not only doctors save lives – mathematicians play a vital role in our health system too, through vital health data analytics.

Harvesting good data with digital agriculture

digital agriculture
The next revolution in farming will be numbers-driven with the new fusion of digital agriculture with traditional farming.

Maths and architecture: Buildings you can count on

maths and architecture
Geometry at human scale – that’s another way to describe building design,and it’s why combining maths and architecture is a must for aspiring architects.

Here’s how to cash in on the decade’s hottest career

QUT Master’s Degree in Data Analytics
Be in demand in STEM with the QUT Master’s Degree in Data Analytics.

Digital marketing jobs in the age of big data

big data
The art and science of marketing is all about hard numbers –  and mathletes are in huge demand in digital marketing jobs as a result!

One million species are facing extinction and ecosystem decline: Here’s how to help

One million species are facing extinction and ecosystem decline, according to a report just released by the United Nations. Here's a list of ecosystem-preserving careers so that you can help make a difference.

Maths on holidays? Mathematical skills are everywhere

mathematical skills
Maths is all around – wherever you go! Mathematical skills are involved in every step of your holiday, from booking the trip to exploring with maps. 

Six ways robots are used today that you probably didn’t know about

From robotic rectums to rice sorting machines - the so-called robot revolution is already here, it's just that most people don't notice.

Don’t think maths is fun? These mathematicians share their love of numbers

maths is fun
Four mathematicians - TV presenters, professors, authors and YouTube stars - share their love of numbers and explain why maths is fun!

5 unique ways tech companies are celebrating Pride Month

We’ve always been big supporters of diversity in STEM, and with June being Pride Month, we're highlighting...

Is this Australia’s new innovation hotspot?

Newcastle New South Wales
The Hunter region on the NSW mid-north coast is best known for its wineries and coal industry, but it's also shaping up to be a new hotspot for tech innovation.

5 STEM social media careers you’ll want to share

These jobs will actually pay you to be on social media all day!