Monday, October 21, 2019
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5 young people changing the world with STEM

Greta Thunberg
When you’re young it’s easy to feel like the adults are running show, but there are a stack of emerging leaders proving that age doesn’t matter when it comes to making a positive impact on our planet.

Meet the educators behind the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero comp

From keeping families together to staying calm, there were some smart tech solutions presented at the 2019 Search for the Next Teach Girl Superhero competition.

Bored? These are our 5 most popular quizzes of all time

Careers with STEM popular personality quizzes
Looking for something fun to fill the hours these school holidays? These personality quizzes are our most popular of all time!

Here’s a list of all the computer science jobs we can think of

computer science jobs
Keen for a career in tech? We've listed as many computer science jobs as we can, so you can widen your job search.

Civil engineering: Everything you need to know

civil engineer
Civil engineering isn’t all hard hats and high-rises. Here’s what to expect from a STEM career in construction.

New online resource launched to inspire more girls into STEM

Girls in STEM
The Girls in STEM Toolkit (The GiST) launches this week. See its inspiring content and practical tools and information for students, teachers and families. To close the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), we can’t have enough tools in our kit. That’s why we’re excited to see a brand-new resource available from Education Services Australia, funded...

Biomedical engineering: Everything you need to know

biomedical engineering
Can't decide between engineering and medicine? Biomedical engineering could be for you ! Here's our low-down on what this STEM career is all about

Three cool new advancements in drug delivery

drug delivery bioedical engineering
The way we deliver drugs into our bodies has come a long way  thanks to advances in biology, medicine and engineering. Here are just three cool examples

Future conscious farming: edible insects now stocked at major supermarket chain

Insects are the most sustainable source of protein on earth. They produce 80 per cent less methane than cows, require far less resources to farm and their increasing popularity could mean lower emissions long-term. And it’s not just their small ecological footprints that make them major snack goals. Packed with protein, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, potassium and calcium...

STEM is in the air: Chelsie and Matt’s maths-themed date was romance goals

STEM Bachelor
Australia’s most famous astrophysicist bachelor Matt Agnew has made no secret of the fact that he’s got a mad crush on chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod. She’s sweet, beautiful and obviously into him, but it’s the 28-year-old's brains that have been her major point of attraction to the PhD graduate throughout the series. Ever since she rocked up to the mansion...

Student performance improves with more diverse school leaders: study

Male teacher standing with high school students looking a laptop
Students would be better off if our teaching workforce looked more like our students (and the rest of Australia), according to a new report

Here’s where Friday’s student climate strikes are going down

Climate strike
This Friday thousands of Australian school kids are expected to ditch class to protest global inaction on climate change. Global warming is arguably one of the planets most urgent challenges, and this week thousands of students will express their frustration at the world’s lack of action by skipping class and heading to one of 100 different marches happening around...

Wellness 2.0: celebrating computer science careers in health

CS + health
Introducing the tech innovations popping up in the health space – and the awesome STEM careers they’ve created

SEEK reports more gender diversity in recruitment since removing coding from selection criteria

Online job search platform SEEK has increased the number of women in its technology graduate recruitment program by removing coding from its selection criteria.

The healthcare industry: a growing target for cyber attacks

healthcare industry targeted by cyber attacks Australia
In a world where our emergency services rely on data and technology to function, a successful attack could result in a significant risk to life.