Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Studying in Australia

studying in Australia
International students from Monash University take you behind the scenes of studying and working in Australia.

UTS Research

UTS research
There's a new opportunity to take on a professional, industry-ready PhD at UTS.

La Trobe research

women in science
Biochemist and passionate supporter of gender equality in science Professor Marilyn Anderson challenges the norm at La Trobe University.

QUT Research

medical research
By undertaking a PhD at QUT, Dr Jannah Baker developed the skills to translate medical research into government policy and industry action.

Deloitte careers

deloitte careers
Deloitte encourages a culture in which STEM skills and creativity are embraced.

UTS MBA in Entrepreneurship

A new course at UTS is sparking the next generation of business innovators, thinkers and pioneers.

Agile skills

agile skills
Jump-start a stellar career and build the perfect skillset by forging your industry links early.

STEM skills take you further

stem skills
By combining STEM skills with other fields of interest, you can customise your career.

Cross-disciplinary skills

cross-disciplinary skills
When a degree in science or engineering is paired with skills in business and leadership, it can lift you to the penthouse suite of professions.

Networks and support

postgraduate support
Take a look at the wonderful support services, postgrad groups and useful tools you can take advantage of during your degree.

Women in the workforce

women in STEM
Gender disparity in STEM careers and postgrad enrolments reveals a system needing an overhaul.

Postgraduate salaries

postgraduate salaries
Find out key facts about postgraduate salaries and postgraduate job security.

How to launch your space career

Space career
Get inspired by these three awesome – and diverse – pathways to launch your space career.

New science magazine with first ever space section coming!

Careers with STEM Science event
Celebrating the 'S' in STEM with our science magazine Science has headed towards a crucial direction post-2020. As...

Truth about gluten-free diet and celiac disease by an expert

Image of gluten: Shutterstock
Have you noticed that the supermarket aisles have a special gluten-free diet section? Do you wonder who...