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Federation University Australia is rethinking the way computer science degrees work to set students up for flexible careers in IT.

Developers aren’t the only talented people wanted by digital tech companies, says Dr Richard Dazeley, Federation University Australia’s head of discipline (IT) in Ballarat, Victoria. They also need people who can solve problems. So the university is releasing a new computer science program next year, with a focus on careers. “Our program will provide the versatility graduates need for the longevity of their careers, focusing on communication, problem-solving, group work and industry skills,” Richard says.

During their first year, students will be introduced to a range of computer science streams, including big data analysis, security and game development. Coding will be embedded into all these topics, instead of being taught separately, and some courses won’t use a lecture format but will be workshop-based.

In their final year, students will take on a project where they will meet an industry need, such as developing software for a game, setting up cloud infrastructure, or doing penetration testing and ethical hacking of a company’s system to improve security.

“It’s difficult to predict where the technology will be in 10 years,” Richard says. “So creating graduates that have lots of flexibility is key to them building their careers in IT.”

– Laura Boness

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