Wollongong ‘bot builders unite to Duel Down Under

Wollongong robotics team, Project Bucephalus are fresh from competing at the FIRST World Championships at Houston in April 2018, after successfully captaining the winning alliance team at the South Pacific Regional competition.

Named after Alexander the Great’s warhorse, Project Bucephalus means business. They’re gearing up to compete at the FIRST Robotics Australia Duel Down Under competition (DDU). It’s a free-to-watch, off-season event held at Macquarie University on the 27-29th July 2018.



Which movie robot are you?


Project Bucephalus is a Wollongong based FRC team in its 3rd year of competition and currently has 34 team members from 15 different high schools around Australia.

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is the flagship program of FIRST. It is a large-scale robotics program that brings together high school students, typically aged 14-18, and their mentors, to build large scale robots that perform a number of challenging tasks.

Pictured: Project Bucephalus

The competition is often described as “the hardest fun you’ll ever have”, as teams have 6 weeks to design and build robots that often stand up to 2 metres tall, and weigh a hefty 50kg – entirely created from scratch during the competition.

That’s not all; the teams then have to program and drive their robot to perform complex tasks during the competition’s final face-off.

The build season normally runs from January to February every year, with the regional competitions being held in March. Teams from across Australia, as well as international teams from countries such as China, India, Taiwan and Hawaii, all come together to show off some pretty innovative and inspiring robots.

DDU is a great competition for FRC rookies, and the first-year rookies from Project Bucephalus are entering their own robot that they have been putting together over the last few weeks.

The DDU event is free and great family entertainment – visit the FIRST Robotics Australia website for more details on the event and on the other programs offered by FIRST. You might be inspired to start up your own FRC team!

– Karen Love

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