Five awesome science videos for April fools day

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The big day for pranksters and mischievous people all around the world has arrived! April Fools’ Day, also called All Fools’ Day, encourages you to plan and think about fun and practical jokes to trick your friends and have a bit of laugh in the process.

Check out these five really fun April Fools’ Day videos to get inspiration for some science-y prank activities today!

1- Some chemistry jokes in this video to chuckle along to funny science puns on this YouTube channel called Reactions.

2- With 12 million views, this April Fools’ prank on students in an applied statistics class is one of a kind. The instructor was hoping one of the students would leave the room so that he could yell “April Fools!” Watch to find out what actually happens instead.

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3- GeoBeats Science came up with these 10 Greatest April Fool’s Pranks played previously in history – as part of their news and politics series. Check them out!

4- MEL Chemistry has three easy tricks for April Fool’s Day in this video. With some easily available equipment, you can try these yourself. But please make sure there is some adult supervision!

5- Last but not least, YouTube superstar and former NASA engineer Mark Rober stopped by to share some pranks that will tear your family apart on April Fools’ Day.


But how did this prank-centric holiday come into existence? The true origins are probably lost in history, but theories do exist, so feel free to have a read!

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Astha Singh

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