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Free AI courses for high school students

This school holidays why not give one of these free AI courses a go – you’ll be learning some of the most in-demand skills in Australia!

From helping us find photos on our phone, to making the best music playlist, AI is already in our lives. And it’s being applied to solve complex problems in scientific fields and beyond.

So much so, AI skills have become some of the most in-demand in Australia, for jobs in so many more fields than tech. So this school holidays, who not swap the Snap/Discord/TikTok time for some online learning? 

Tech giant IBM offers a bunch of AI courses, including on prompt writing, machine learning, and customer service with AI, as part of its commitment to provide 30 million people with the skills needed for the careers of tomorrow by 2030. 

Courses for high school students that take between 4 and 10 hours include:

  • Artificial Intelligence fundamentals
  • Build your own chatbot

Lots of unis, including Harvard, are also getting in on this game. Over at Harvard’s edX online platform you can find free AI courses covering:

  • Google AI for anyone (Get the basics on AI and machine learning from Google’s lead AI advocate Laurence Moroney)
  • Data Science: Machine learning (Learn how to build your own movie recommendation system)
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python (If you’ve got a little programming experience already, you can learn more about how AI algorithms work)

Microsoft is also running free introductory AI courses, in partnership with LinkedIn Learning. They include:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • What is generative AI?
  • Ethics in the age of generative AI


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