Girls Day Out in STEM Bake Off!

This National Science Week, combine machine learning and cake recipes in the Girls Day Out in STEM Bake Off!

You might have heard that learning to code is as easy as learning a recipe. Now, girls aged 10 to 14 can put that to the test! They’ll meet two Google machine learning specialists who use a machine learning model (ML) to make a whole new type of baked goodie.

Ever wondered what a half-cookie, half-cake hybrid would taste like? Two Google Cloud engineers will be able to tell you! Using machine learning, Googlers Natalie Piucco and Marina Deletic have trained a ML model to create completely new recipes: 50% cookie and 50% cake – a Cakie and 50% bread and 50% cookie – a Breakie.

“We got the idea for the project from our colleagues Sara Robinson and Dale Markowitz who did this first – video here,” says Marina.

“We first collected 700+ recipes and categorised them into cookies, bread or cake. We then trained a machine learning model to recognise what ingredients and amount of each ingredient most likely creates a cookie, bread or cake.

“We used Google’s Vertex AI AutoML model generator to do this, all we had to do was give it the data and it found the best model using a Neural Architecture Search algorithm – very cool stuff!

“To generate the new recipes we found the ingredients that had the midway properties of a cake and a cookie to create a cakie, and then those that were midway between bread and a cookie to create a breakie.”

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the process where applications use data to learn. It is used in many areas, like predicting stock market changes, personalising shopping experiences, analysing social trends like cyberbullying or instances of disease outbreaks, and to recognise and identify images, including facial recognition.

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While many people think AI will lead to job losses, more jobs are being created (97 million) than will be displaced (85 million) by 2025 by AI according to a World Economic Forum report (Future of Jobs report 2020).

That means there’s heaps of opportunity in AI and coding for you to explore in terms of careers – and what better way to start than with a cooking challenge!

How does the Girls Day Out in STEM ML bake off work?

  • Register: Get access to the SECRET recipes 💻
  • Prepare: Reach out to your friends and family to form your team 
  • Organise: Grab your ingredients 
  • Bake: Enjoy with friends and family 
  • Share: Let’s see your finished product 
  • Poll: Vote to have your say 
  • Win: All those registered will be in the draw to win prizes 🎉

Sign up to access the SECRET ML recipes that will be revealed on Saturday, August 14th at 9:00am when the vault is opened.

You have one whole week to do the baking challenge during National Science Week August 14-22, 2021.

Why do the challenge?

Event organiser Petriea Skitek says the challenge connects with National Science Week’s theme – Food: Different by design.

“As we’ve collaborated with Google over the years, we’re aware of Google’s AI and machine learning modelling. Also, baking has been trending now in Australia, so we thought, let’s connect the two: food design x baking + STEM x AI and ML.

“Voila, we had the winning combo! What better way to deliver a complex tech concept such as ML modelling/coding than with baking.”

Enter now and be in the draw for some great Google prizes 🎉 

Heather Catchpole

Author: Heather Catchpole

Heather co-founded Careers with STEM publisher Refraction Media. She loves storytelling, Asian food & dogs and has reported on science stories from live volcanoes and fossil digs


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