Passionate about tech and recycling? Register for the new Girls Day Out in STEM event!

In the latest Girls Day Out in STEM event, learn how you can combine technology and sustainability to help the planet. Image: Shutterstock

Mix artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with sustainability in Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS): Recycling with AI/ML & The Stained-Glass Cookie Experiment.

This year, National Science Week’s theme is ‘Glass: More than meets the eye’. Join Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS) on a magical journey through the world of glass – one of the most transformational materials today!  Glass is moving from a passive role in bygone eras to a functional role now. This is the age of glass! Learn about AI, ML and glass recycling.

So what is AI/ML?

AI is teaching machines to appear intelligent through performing tasks like decision making and reasoning. ML is one way of building these systems, where you provide a computer with examples of what it should do, then it learns how to do it. 

AI/ML can be used in a range of different industries – from education to health, and in recycling like you’ll learn through the GDOS event.

Cool careers you could have in AI/ML include:

  •   Automation engineer
  •   Data scientist or analyst
  •   Machine learning engineer
  •   Robotics engineer
  •   Software engineer 

Keep scrolling to meet two Google software engineers who are part of Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS) Recycling with AI/ML and the Stained-Glass Cookie Experiment!

And what’s so great about glass?

If we want to make a difference in our world, we need to reset our thinking and consider using more recyclable materials, like glass. Glass has transformational properties that makes it sustainable and learning about these properties can help us understand how to recycle it so it can be crushed, remelted and made into new products.

It’s really exciting because glass is moving from a passive role to a functional role in the future. The age of glass is definitely upon us, and this awesome material can actually help solve some of the world’s biggest issues, like climate change. It might even be this century’s answer to achieving the UN Sustainability Goals and could be a hero in leveling inequality, poverty and justice. Incredible, right?

Where does STEM come in?

In the form of AI/ML! In the latest GDOS event, you’ll be able to join Google software engineers, Courtney Hoskin and Sophia Lin, who will lead you through a Google masterclass on AI/ML recycling, showing how we can combine technology and sustainability to help the planet.

Meet the Google software engineers

Courtney Hoskin

Courtney studied software engineering at The University of Canterbury and is now at Google in Sydney, where she is working on the Google Photos iPhone app. “I love seeing how technology is a good thing that has the potential to improve people’s lives,” she says.



Sophia Lin

Sophia completed a double degree in computer science and mechatronics engineering at UNSW, then joined Google. She works in the ChromeOS team, and also loves K-Pop dance, Taekwondo, ice skating and hiking.

Okay, I’m interested… Tell me more about the event

During National Science Week 2022 (August 13-21), you’ll get access to the Google masterclass and the chance to be a modern scientist by undertaking the GDOS stained-glass cookie experiment – which you will have access to when you register. You’ll combine your creativity with the transformational power of glass – or sugar in this case!

So how does Girls Day Out in STEM: Recycling with AI/ML and The Stained-Glass Cookie Experiment work?

  • Register: Get access to find out why glass is so extraordinary, the Google masterclass on AI/ML recycling and the top-secret stained-glass cookie recipe for the experiment.
  • Recycle and sort: Reach out to your friends and family to do it all together or work with your school.
  • Experiment with baking: Create your transformational stained-glass cookies and enjoy with friends and family.
  • Share: Let’s see your finished products on socials!
  • Poll: Vote to have your say.
  • Win: All those registered will be in the draw to win prizes.

Register for Girls Day Out in STEM (GDOS) Recycling with AI/ML and the Stained-Glass Cookie Experiment here. You’ll have one whole week to complete the recycling/sorting activity and the baking experiment during National Science Week 2022 (August 13-21).

This article was created in partnership with Girls Day Out in STEM.

Louise Meers

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