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Girls STEM event heads into the future

Girls Day out in STEM event

The countdown is on to the most exciting girls STEM event this year, get ready to take off to the future

Girls Day out in STEM (GDOS), the most fun girls STEM event of the year, kicks off this National Science Week from 12-20 August and we’re headed into the future.

This year National Science Week is all about powering future industries. And, the jobs that are powering the future are in STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, obv). These jobs are expected to grow by 12.9% by 2025 in Australia, for instance. 

Far from replacing humans, tech advances are creating even more amazing ways to work – and the future is female (and their allies!). Women are already kicking major goals in the STEM workforce – just check out our role models in STEM – but there’s so many more opportunities for girls and non-binary peeps to make a major impact in STEM.

GDOS is a fun, girls STEM event where you can explore the future of industries across the job spectrum and check out the innovations that are powering them. 

Three reasons to sign up for this awesome girls STEM event

#1 Discover insider information about STEM industries/businesses and the people who work in STEM. ????????????‍????

#2 Plus, learn about jobs and skills needed for future you! ????‍????????????

#3 Have your voice heard with interactive polls, surveys and quizzes! This is totally where you need to be!! Oh and did we mention that, thanks to some excellent industry sponsors, you can get a free ticket? ????????????

Time to travel

Last year thousands of girls aged 10-14 took part in the GDOS event – the best girls’ STEM event online. You can take part anytime between August 12, 9AM to August 20, 5PM AEST.

This year, you’ll go on a  New Future Worlds Tour. Undertake challenges, discover where new jobs will be created and also what as-yet-unimagined jobs might look like. You’ll create your own time capsule, too, so when you’re looking for study paths and career goals, you can unlock the cool work you did in the challenges and get ideas for where your own future might take you.

You can also interact with an AI chatbot to enter these Future New Worlds and once inside you get to have fun by engaging with innovations that are powering industries and the real world. Each destination on our tour itinerary is filled with insider industry knowledge and awesome challenges.

There are also cool prize draws to be won for those who finish each challenge and if you finish all the challenges, you will be entered into the Grand Prize draw for an iPad, thanks to Telstra!! Amazing right…

Explore industries

Explore these industries and more:

  • AI Technology
  • Augmented reality
  • Sonar and acoustics
  • Quantum computing
  • Lifestyle  Tech
  • Fintech
  • Data Science
  • Metaverse
  • Algorithms

Get ready, GDOS is boarding soon!

Want more info on prizes, entering and preparing for the day? Check out the GDOS website.Or, simply sign up here and get travelling!

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