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Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to create apps like Instagram, build a robot, or learn about what makes Google tick?

To take your next step in the direction of your dream job, learn about “Go Girl Go For IT” (Go Girl), an event catered towards girls in years 7 to 12 in order to raise awareness of the many exciting careers in Information Technology (IT).

As a secondary school student, it’s sometimes difficult to see all of the career opportunities that lie ahead. Your head is filled with languages, physical and social sciences, and maths, but what if there was a subject where you could bring all of this knowledge together and apply it to real-world scenarios?

IT combines aspects of many different core classes into one subject, but many students don’t know what IT is really about, and there are all sorts of stereotypes running around about IT being a boy’s world. Go Girl aims to illuminate the magic that IT can create, and smash any stereotypes that might prevent girls from getting involved.

Go Girl Go For IT is a festive one day event that Deakin University throws every two years. They host activities such as talks from keynote speakers and super workshops about different areas of IT.

With well-known IT role models, such as the brand developer of Instagram, and workshops that shed light on the latest and greatest IT pursuits including robotics and virtual reality, Go Girl has brought in crowds of over 1,600 girls. To see photos of the 2016 event, click here.

According to Go Girl event organiser Vic ICT for Women, the number of women studying business or IT at university is dropping.

“Too many girls just aren’t aware of the opportunities a career in IT can bring – or the important skills they have to bring to this industry,” says Vic ICT.

To tackle this issue, Go Girl aims to highlight the diverse range of study options and career pathways for young girls starting out in IT.

At the 2016 event, some noteworthy speakers included Sophie Blachford of Instagram, who shared her journey to becoming brand developer and explained what her role involves.

By combining technology and business knowhow, Sophie builds advertising solutions that help to grow Instagram’s audience and business value. She’s walking proof that a degree in IT can lead to great careers for girls.

Milorad Cerovac and Therese Keane of Melbourne Robocats, an all-girl FIRST Robotics Competition team, spoke about how they created a robot from scratch. They faced all sorts of tech challenges along the way, but worked through them one by one and showed how resilience is an awesome demonstration of girl power!

The Go Girl super workshops are aimed at girls in IT careers, labelling them as “tech girl superheroes”. They feature a variety of live demonstrations, including live hacking, 3D printing, game building, and digital forensics.

“Go Girl Go For IT” is made possible with the funding and support of sponsors, who each bring expertise in their particular field of IT to share with the girls.

For example, in 2015, the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) set up a booth to uncover the mysteries of cybersecurity and how to be safe on the internet.

They covered everything from how to set up uncrackable passwords, through to mobile and app security, safe online shopping and secure web browsing.

To learn more about young women and studying IT, check out the official “Go Girl Go For IT” website now and start getting excited for the 2018 event!

To find out about internships or career opportunities for women in IT and cybersecurity at CBA, check out this link!

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Go Girl

“Go Girl aims to illuminate the magic that Information Technology can create.”

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