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Got a smartphone? You can help protect the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Heroes really do exist: You can use your gaming skills to save the environment!

We love stories about tech being used for good, so when we heard you could play a video game to help one of the seven wonders of the natural world we knew we had to share this with you. The amazing team at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation have teamed up with Sankari Studios (who are known as gaming-for-good leaders!) to launch a new video game, that’s not only fun but can also help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

So what’s it called and how does it work?

The game is called KATOA Ocean and it’s free to download on your smartphone or via the AppStore or Google Play.

Once it’s on your device, you can set off exploring underwater ecosystems, managing resources, completing quests and combating threats to earn points. These points are turned into real-world funding that goes toward the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s incredible work to regenerate 250 hectares of critical seagrass meadows on the Reef. The more you play, the more funding they get to help this natural wonder survive the impacts of climate change – so get to it!

Images via Great Barrier Reef Foundation

We think it’s so awesome that STEM pros, like game developers and software engineers, can do their part to make a difference in our world. If you have a passion for tech, but also people and our planet, you should definitely consider a STEM + social good or a STEM + environment study and career pathway.

STEM + social good

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STEM + environment

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For more on how to combine STEM with your passion, hobby or interest, check out our STEM + X page or sign up to our weekly e-newsletter.

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